so I bought this nifty looking ball key chain that has a 7 on it, transparent red with glittery stuff inside…took off the chain part and drilled a hole through and tried a little 5a throwing and I have one thing to say…ouch, ouch to the 4th power. The yoyo (DM2) and/or counter weight I made continueously smack me in my hand, fingers, knuckles, face…I think I may have bruised a bone or something in my thumb as its still hurting. I’m back at first base with just catching from a bind wihout any bodily harm lol. I just felt like sharing this story with fellow peers who might understand…my co-workers didn’t care lol.

Yes, it does hurt in 5A. I have a Legacy for 5A and the shape fits PERFECTLY in my hand anyways I catch it. But the knuckle bans are very annoying. ouch

Unless the counterweight is soft, I dont like round ones. with dice it is normally a flat side that hits you. if you put them on the string right almost never a corner. but with a ball it is always like getting hit with a corner. I noticed that when I started using yyf spintop buttons, then went back to duncan dice.
I remember starting 5A, it was painful. the highspeed binds always got my knuckles.

How to you get hit with the corner of a sphere?

well because it is all corner there are not flat sides.
Plus I was just comparing it. If you read what I wrote it said, " with a ball it is always like getting hit with a corner." In referance to the dice. comment I had made right before that.
does that help you understand?

The most epic CW’s are the ones you find in pokéballs. I got one with decent weight, but it’s one of those fake pokémon with a number higher than 150

i can never seem to catch the yoyo right when it comes up it always ends ups flying away with the cw or smacking my knuckles