My sore hands(PLEASE READ)

Well, this topic is about, suggesting something for my hands.
As you can’t see, I have been practicing 5A… And when I throw it down, and then bind it back up, or pull it back up, it always hits my middle finger’s second bone joint(the last one near the finger tip) This is b/c of the way i hold the counterweight(i hold the way Andre does…)
This is another problem with double or nothing(practicing it, i get hit sometimes on my hands, and once when i was practicing it a lot i had just learned split the atom and double or nothing. i came to dinner with lots of bruises on my hand and they hurt).

  1. I don’t like wearing gloves that are thick, or that cover my second bone joint(the last one once again)
  2. I lost my comfortable turtle shell green fingerless gloves…
  3. I have yo-yo tape, b/c my mom got me some from the hospital… (she’s a doctor) and they use this tape as well for IVs and other stuff like that…
    Any suggestions please?

Get a YoYo like the Anti-Superstar by Werrd that has rubber rims but is metal. But if you don’t want to do that than I’d say get a rubber counterweight, and if you really can’t stand it, (like me) I stopped doing 5A and tried to figure out what I REALLY liked. For me that was 1A. That sounds like it hurts A WHOLE LOT, but if you want to keep doing 5A than I’d say…, keep practicing and try to get a more smooth bind. Hope this helps, William


Werrd makes a yoyo called the Split Decision (as well as the Bad Decision and Indecision) that offers interchangable PLASTIC rims (that are still quite hard). These rims have different names, such as Anti-Superstar and Johnny 5.

My suggestion is to not throw as hard when you’re first learning 5A. You don’t need to throw your strongest sleeper since novice 5A players usually don’t have very long combos. You won’t get as powerful bind returns and thus the yoyo won’t crack against your hand.

Other than that, try holding the counterweight a different way because that sounds like it’s part of the problem.

hmmmm ok… but i don’t throw sleeps very much, it’s mostly catching the die when practicing 360 and pinwheel. also sometimes that trapeze one…
i’ve gotten afraid and started to pull my pointer finger out of the string when it goes around in pinwheel :frowning:

I love 5a, and it is my counterweight somewhat… but my dad bought me 3 dice! And I need to be grateful for what he already got me!!! :frowning:
Should I get a plastic yoyo?

Huh? When you throw a yoyo, it’s a sleeper. At least that’s what I’ve been calling it.

If the die is hitting the top of your hand, you could look into some paintball gloves. Usually they’re fingerless and some have a thin (but protective) plastic piece on the back of the glove.

First- never been into paintball… so where do i get that?
and the… ermmm what’s it called… breakaway!

The yoyo’s still sleeping on a breakaway :wink:

And you can get paintball [or similar] gloves at most outdoor recreational stores. MC Sports, Dunhams, Dicks, etc.

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kk and oh, well i gtg thanks