Having problems with breakaway and my finger !


Yo guys, got some problem here need to ask…

Well, first, I doesn’t know why I’m so bad at tricks that starts with breakaway, especially the Double or Nothing. I could perform Man on Trapeze well but will miss sometimes. And when I’m doing pure breakaway, I found out that my yoyo always returns back sloping.

Is there anyway to improve my Breakaway ? Or is there any other things that affect my performance on tricks that start with breakaway ? Really need help here because I’m traning for category 1A and I know Breakaway is the most basic of all for string tricks.

Another thing is that how do you guys overcome the pain on finger when played for too long ? When I start playing it was nothing, but after half an hour my finger started to yell, the string holds too tight!

How can I overcome this ? By wearing a finger protection or a glove ? Or is there any alternatives ? Because when it hurts I couldn’t continue unless I rest for 1 hour or more.


Only way to improve your breakaway is to just keep working at it. As for the finger pain, you’ll get used to it after a while but some things that help are lighter yoyos and finger tape. Gloves are more for string burn than pain caused by the loop cutting into your finger.



well what yoyo your useing is it light or heavy if its light throw it at a 30 degrees breakaway if its heavy throw it stright down hope it helps also pm me if you still dont understand


also for your finger try yoyo tape/ cloth bandage or just keep throwing till you built callouses. and here a video for correcting misses for the side mount http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4pVEpv_OYo&feature=relmfu


To improve the Breakaway - try practising throwing in front of a coffee table, a bed, or even just stand in front of a wall. This helps to “force” you to throw parallel to your body.

For the pain on your finger - your skin should harden up, but if it is taking too much strain or causing too much pain, just put a plaster over the area, or use a medical tape, such as Micropore or Transpore tape to protect the area while the skin hardens.


Here’s what I would do. Just keep practicing throwing straight from your side and eventually you’ll get better. Also the pain in your finger is normal when you’re first starting out. As time goes on, and you practice and practice, the pain will no longer be there. Hoped this helped :slight_smile:



Wow thanks guys :smiley: I really appreciate all the helps !


Problems with your throw just seem to work themselves out with regular practice. You’ll get it. Just do what you can and in a month you’ll have forgetten all about this problem…

of course, there will be a new problem. But at least not this one.


I didn’t have tape but if you take Kleenex, fold it to a strip, and wrap it around your finger it works just as well.


I find the throw hand pointer finger to be more problematic on the long run, drying out on the thumb side. it made me actually wear a throw hand glove.

the non throw hand pain will go away once you build callous skin (like on fingertips for guitar or bass players), but if you live in a wet environment (sea side or a country like Japan for example), using gloves will definitely help (also make sure you pick up appropriate strings as some are more vulnerable to wet atmosphere than others)

about the trapeze and double or nothing and landing those.

I find most beginners tend to try and move their fingers around too much. Your fingers are not actually supposed to move in order to do the trick, you need to have them in the correct position, be parrallel to the yoyoing plane and just position yourself, hands, fingers or body around the yoyo and the string. You don’t actually put the yoyo on a string, you just move yourself in a way that the yoyo ends up going where you want it to go, relating to you, not to itself.

Most of these moves are very small adjustments which is why it seems that the yoyo player actually makes the yoyo go here and there while he just is moving the string configuration around the moving yoyo. At least for such tricks as trapeze or double or nothing. But it’s the basic idea.

You should be able to land a trapeze easily without using your finger, try using an horizontally held pole, or umbrella handle or whatever that you can easily keep horizontal. You can also try with a friend’s finger, just tell your friend not to move at all and you can throw and do a trapeze with his finger just being there. Double or nothing works the same, only with an extra loop over your throw hand. (make sure the first loop around your non throw hand finger is rested against the back of your finger, it will give you more room to end the double or nothing using the tip of your finger and it will keep the first loop far enough for the yoyo not to land on both strings)

As for the throw, I found that working slowly, taking time to decompose your movements, making sure each move is perfect, will do a great deal with improving your throw quality and also spinning speed/time. Technique is more important than strength when it comes to throwing a yoyo, an experienced player will get more spin time just letting the yoyo slide off his hand on a strength free throw than a beginner throwing with all his strength.

for me, I must admit that I never was comfortable using the traditional 1A breakaway, and I saw great and fast improvements in my side throw/breakaway once I started to practice 5A; The 5A hold (you hold the yoyo with your thumb and pointer finger rather than the inside of the palm) feels more natural to me, there is a wrist flicking motion there that made the whole thing click for me. Maybe this would be something to explore, later down the road.


*meant to say strap…


yeah, i totally agree with your opinion, now i can do a trapeze well with just a 5% mistake chance (still need some practice though) and I finally completed my Double or Nothing 2 times in a row :smiley:

I trained it in a hard way (in front of a wall) for my Breakaway and sometimes throw in an open area to see the motion and try to adjust to the best.

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone’s help out there :slight_smile: Happy yoying~