Busted Knuckles

So I have been playing alot of 5A lately. I am pretty new the style but really enjoy it.
So for you guys that play a lot of 5A, is busting my knuckles often on my returns a effect of bad form, or is this just something that comes with 5A? I even use thinner strings for my counterweight setup and don’t run fresh responce pads to keep my binds a little loose.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Even if it’s just “suck it up and stop whining” lol

Happens to me too. I find that different yoyo shapes help in not hurting your hand. I also used a glove for a while and that helped too.

The best thing you can probably do is get a Yo-Yo with Rubber Rims, or wait until your Knuckles “toughen up” so to speak. They will eventually but it is a slower process than say, growing a callus where work has been done.

You will never fully get over being wailed in the knuckles, but over time it just takes a harder hit to get the corners of your eyes watery.


Noticed yesterday that I had a bruise on my knuckle thing how the heck did that happen, then I remembered that wonderful yoyo “ping” bouncing off my finger the day before.

I think its a combination of bad form, old or thick string, over responsive pads.


I think I’m in a similar boat, though I may have been at 5a for a little bit longer. You will probably get a light callous but I think mostly you just get used to catching and it starts to not bother at all. It will still hurt more on a bad catch than it will with 1a but yeah, you’ll get used to it. Also, organic shaped yoyos will be much easier on the hand

Try using a celcon or delrin yoyo, such as the Kickside. The soft plastic will be much easier on your knuckles.

Yeah I have been using plastics. Still hurts but not nearly as bad as a metal,

Very rarely happens to me anymore. You get more used to holding the counterweight in your hand and catching the yoyo as you advance.

One tip is to catch with your thumb. Really stick your thumb up, like you’re doing a “thumbs up”. Let the yoyo come to your hand and hit your thumb, then grab the yoyo with your other fingers. I find this works the best.

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Thanks a lot for your input Jake!
I defaintly need to work in better form

I just want to say to anyone else having this problem to take Jake’s advice to heart! It took a little getting used to but within one day my knuckle busting occurrences have been more than cut in half!

-“but even without my testimony you should always take Jake’s advice and suggestions ;)”
Dude is a mad man with a counterweight!