Huge Hand Bruise...Any Advice?

I’m having some problems with protecting my throw hand. I noticed that I have a lot less “cushion” on the palm of my hand than most folks. The inside of my hand is skin and bone with very little tissue to cushion the impact. I noticed that after playing with the yoyo for awhile, I had a huge bruise on the inside of my hand under my index finger. Every time I catch the yoyo after awhile, it kills. I may have to start favoring lighter throws, plastic throws, or just wear a glove while I play. Anyone else have this problem? Will my hands get used to this over time? I noticed that my hands felt better when I used one of those Delrin 3yo3 types. The metal ones are pretty and I prefer heavier throws, but I may have to make some changes. I won’t be able to play for the next few days at least.

Cotton gloves? It ain’t perfect, but you’re looking for a short term fix. I think Target sells some for super cheap, if you don’t mind some silly patterns.

Or, tape with some padding underneath it.

When I first started throwing, my palm got massively sore for 2 weeks so I had to quit for a bit(I also had to stop to let a nerve injury heal, unrelated to yoyo and existed before I started). Now, I still get sore palms but it’s usually when I’ve been throwing a lot of dense, heavy throws, like the XCon Pro or sharp edged throws like the Phenom. Sometimes I have to choose a yoyo based on shape or weight to accommodate how much pain I am in.

Thanks. I used to go to the gym before I got lazy, and I have a pair of gloves I used to use for lifting weights. It may do the trick, cause the palm is covered up, but the fingers are hanging out. I think that might be the right one. I will use the glove and play with one of my smaller, lighter throws until the bruise goes away. It’s nice to hear that it might get better. I’ve only been at this for months, and I’ve been playing more than usual lately.

I never really had a problem with it. Maybe you should slow the yoyo down a bit more before binding? If you bind right after throwing, or when the yoyo’s still going pretty fast, it will shoot back a lot faster, and hurt your hand.
also where do you have the slipknot on your finger? I remember when I first started I had the slipknot at the base of my finger which caused the yoyo to hit my palm more, which hurt after a while.

Good tip about binding…I have the slipknot where recommended between the finger knuckles, but I think you’re onto something with the yoyo returning to my hand when the yoyo is going fast. I’ll have to play different too. One of my friends noticed when I was in college that the inside of my hand is a little different than most. I never noticed it until she mentioned it, but I bet it’s a combination of that and at what point I’m returning the yoyo to my hand. I may start to favor the lighter throws now to prevent injury until I figure it all out.

If the yo is coming back with that much force you might consider adding more moves before binding. Once the yo has lost a little more spin, the force with which it returns should be much less. Just be careful to not continue bruising your hand in the same place. Later that can cause some problems.

good advice…I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

Almost every single yoyoer I see throws way harder then they need too. I suspect this is your problem.
Try just throwing with the amount of force you need to get through the trick rather then 100% as hard as you can throw. I throw 20% of my max 90% of the time. If I am not doing a grinding trick there is little to no need to throw harder.
You will also break less strings and strings will feel better longer if you do this. The response in the yoyo will ware slower, and if a string does break the yoyo won’t hit the ground at mach 10. Your hand will hurt less, as well as the string will strangle your finger less, much less. If you get a knot you will be much less likely to hit your self in the face, as well.
If that is not your problem disregard this. :wink:

That’s helpful. I tend to throw the yoyo like a weakling when doing string tricks, but I whip it fierce when I’m just messing around with it, looping it around and stuff, and I think that’s when I’m doing the damage. I think you’re right about that part. I sat and thought about it awhile. I barely throw hard enough to finish a braintwister half the time, but when I’m just messing around looping the yoyo around, I’m doing it full force. I think when I get as good as I want to be, I’ll be more of a looper than a string trick type…cause I tend to like doing that more for some reason, and I do it with more confidence and more strength. Good point about minimizing the damage to the yoyo, wearing out the string and so on…good points. Forced me to think about how hard I was really throwing at different times.

I’m having this kind of trouble as well. It’s reached the point that it hurts when I press it. It doesn’t bother me that much.

All the other guys are right, throw it just enough to get your combo over with. Also, work on your catch. Try moving your hand up when you catch the yo-yo so that momentum can keep moving and won’t kill your hands. The best thing you can do is to give it a break, and toughen up. Although it’ll sound weird when you talk about it.

“Yep… I got this while working out with my index finger on my Dark Magic. Really brutal. Look but don’t touch ladies.”