Throw hand

Hey guys i have noticed that while playing my fingers from my dominant hand are getting pretty bad because of the string. I play a lot and don’t want to slow down what would you recommend as far as not having my hands be so bad? I don’t like the yoyo gloves that duncan has I hate how they are missing almost half the glove. Is there any glove out there that could work as yoyo gloves? Or any other recommendations on how to keep my hands from staying pretty bad? Please let me know :slight_smile:

Just look up silk gloves most should work fine

I noticed recently when I got back to throwing (every day even at work on my breaks) my throw hand middle finger was getting irritated/dry skin. Not liking the thrashed hands look, I actually just used some moisturizer for about a week on that irritated spot and haven’t had any rough-looking fingers sense.

Essentially, you’re building up a callous where your string is attached making any string soreness …well…no longer sore! Some players like gloves, I actually don’t like using gloves as I like to be able to feel the string, and I’m not a fast player so it’s really not needed for my developing style (or lack thereof) :slight_smile:

All I can tell you is to keep yo-yoing. I don’t use a glove and it built callus around my finger. Eventually it’ll go away. I think. at least for me it has.

Real men throw through the pain (assuming you are a man, of course)

If not, then real women throw through the pain

having the open fingers really helps hold the yoyo. with out that it can be very slick in situations. I wouldn’t go with a full glove, well I wouldn’t go with any glove but the cut off fingers are there for a reason. may just want to get some johnson and johnson elastikon. Or 3M micropore tape.
I like micropore more because after a short time it is hard too tell it is even on your hand. Use only when things get so irritated that you can’t handle the pain. That way your still building the callous but also protecting your skin.