My non-throw hand finger hurts

my index non-throw hand fingers hurts a lot, because the string side on my finger too much, is there anyway to not making it hurts? right now, im just putting tape over my finger

Im not sure if this will help but you could get some yoyo gloves.

is there any other way other than gloves?

Well not that i know of, If you dont want to spend any money you could just stick to tape. Sorry for not being much of a help.

Try using a different type of string. I’m not sure what you’re playing with, but Mondos are really finger-friendly polys, and 50/50 poly/cotton “slick” strings are pretty good on the fingers as well. I also really like Alchemy strings for their smoothness (or anything with nylon in it), although some people seem to think it’s more rough than other strings. Also, what weather conditions do you play in? Obviously, if you play in a more humid area, you’re more prone to string burn. Try and avoid those types of situations whenever possible. I’ve never had problems with string burn since.

I don’t even know what type of string im using, I just got my kickside yesterday, and im using the string that it comes with, I also ordered 10 strings from this site one is 50/50, and the other is 100% poly, I don’t know which one is which, do you have an idea? both are white, one is white with a yellowish color, and one is really white

really white one is poly

this glove is for the throw hand right? will it fit me if im a lefty?

It’s for whatever hand you want it to be for, so it’ll fit. I find that 100% poly string is gentle enough on the skin, try some of what you have.

I just tried poly string, but it is still hurting because it hurts already, i will have to wait till it heals and try again