hurt finger

When i yoyo it hurts my finger,what should i do. My finger is getting real hurt because the string is rubbing and squeesing.

Pointless poll. You should get rid of it.

Anyway, finger pain goes away with practice. Just let it rub and eventually your finger will callous over and you won’t notice it anymore. Or you could play free-hand and not have to worry about it. ;D

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What he said, but it also doesn’t hurt to take a break if your finger hurts.

Keep throwing and the pain will disappear. mine never hurts anymore unless I throw really really hard the whole day

No, just have the doctor cut off your finger. :stuck_out_tongue: Acually, for temporary use medical tape could be placed around your finger. :wink:

p.s. Nice Review! It was awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well what i did when I first started was threw for about a week until my finger got warn down enough that it started to bleed, then took a break for a few days until it healed. After I did this once (Maybe two times, I can’t exactly remember) I have a nice little callous formed and now I can’t feel it at all. I not have 2 callouses on my right hand middle finger (I switched from holding the string right at the base of my finger by my palm to keeping it on the middle knuckle) and one REALLY big one on my left hand index finger from stalls and eli hops and what not… But For some reason I always do things until I bleed… It just gives me the reassurance that I’ve done it correctly, or horribly wrong ;D

Get some duncan gloves… They really help and stop the friction of the string from cutting off ur finger

Fady, not to be a troll, but please don’t double post.

I am used to the burn now, But when I wasn’t I rocked some red duncan gloves, Helped so much! I could boing-e-boing for an hour straight.

Well, not only that, but please don’t just simply post something that somebody else said. Very unnecessary.

its not that i doubled it when i was sending it mozilla crashed and i thought that i didnt post it in the first place so i did post it again not knowing that i post it the first time and thanks ;D :wink:

so now iam the wrong one ??? i was going to post the same thing before i read his comment so be cool its not the end of the world and its not wrong so iam just saying that he is writ and also if dont have any thing to say to help him dont just say this (Well, not only that, but please don’t just simply post something that somebody else said. Very unnecessary.) and u didnt help him that way the guy that his finger hurt him so peace (WHAT) ;D 8)!!!

yes, you just did it again.

Just kep going, you won’t feel it later. Or wear work gloves that make you look like a man.

Ok, I understand that mozilla crashed, but Please don’t double post… You just did it twice. 1 time after we told you not too.

So those gloves helped me BIGTIME, but they break kinda easily; The sewing that puts it together actually came apart after awhile.

Probably around the string area?

When that happens to me, I just don’t post, or I give a Thank You. How did what you just say help him then? Just saying…

Ok I’m going to say we should probably just forget this happened and go on our merry way…

i was trying not to be mean but i will jhust say it its non of ur business drumma /yoyo its not ur proiblem and born to yoyo i thought that i didnt post it in the first place thats y i post another one thinking that i didnt post it in first

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