After throwing for a while...

Does anyone’s throw-finger get strained and just make you want to quit? Is there anyway to loosen the pressure it puts on your finger? Would gloves help?

You will get used to it. It won’t hurt anymore after some time. But if it gets too much, shift your string up or down a couple millimeters and you are good to go.

what jbritter3 said.

Also, could try out different strings and see if any of them give you any more relief. Toxic BG1s don’t get too owie too quickly, for example.

There are several options. First, you can just get used to the pain and eventually your finger will adjust it’s shape slightly to accommodate the pressure of a string.

Second, you could try gloves. Many players use them and have great results.

Third, you can try using a cloth bandage to cushion the irritated area.

Last, just move the string slightly and give your finger a chance to heal. When the new area starts to hurt, move the string back. Repeat until you’ve got gnarled fingers appropriate for long-term yoyoing.

Try not throwing for as long, maybe just ten minutes at a time. Play different yoyos, too. If you are just using a heavier one for an hour it will hurt a lot more than a lighter one for multiple sessions.

After a while your finger will get a callus. Once that happens you can throw for hours with no pain.

Yeah, just suck it up, it gets better with time. If you don’t mind being made fun of, you could like put a band aid on or something. Lol

There’s also the tape they sell here. But I don’t know cause I never used anything.

Thanks for the tips guys. :slight_smile: I’ll probably just suck it up. Heh.

Sucking it up is definitely the best option
What I did a few times when I first started though was wrap a 1/2-1 inch strip of duct tape around my finger. Worked pretty well, just make sure the slick it is tight if you do this.

If you use things like tape or bandages, your finger will never get used to it. Suck it up!

what he said, plus then you will always have to depend on that or gloves. then one of your friends will have a yoyo and you will be like gosh i wanna throw it, then you go oh crap no gloves or tape -_-

when I started it was just my TH pointer that killed me. my middle finger was always strangled but it didn’t really have any pain.

When I first started yoyoing and I would practice all the time even tho I was only doing double or nothing trapeze brother and matrix I would still end up having sore fingers almost like te feeling you get after lifting weights and working out type of sore. Anyways I got one of those stress balls with tiny beads inside wrapped in a latex type ballon, anyways I would roll it around with my palms and then squeeze it with my fingers an sure enough it would take away the soreness.

Also for the pain that comes along with having the string on your finger all I can say is use finger tape it’s sold on YYE it helps but after a while it gets easier to just use nothing and start to roughen the skin where the string goes. With time it won’t hurt anymore but in the meantime a stress ball to use with your throw hand and some finger tape would work really well I think

I started out using tape, then downgraded to gloves (which is almost naked) and then went to nothing. I’ve gotten used to it but it still leaves string marks and I still ache a little but not as much as before. In fact, my elbow wears out faster.

Don’t worry, this only happens for the first couple of days, maybe a week, after that, you won’t even notice! I swear!

My finger used to turn purple and I would end a throw session feeling like it would need amputation :). It took about 3 weeks, but my finger toughened waaayyy up and the pain has pretty much gone away. Come to think of it, I haven’t HAD to end a sesh because of my finger for a while. Yaaaayy!
In conclusion:
Practice hard, don’t give up, and above all, throw at least once a day for a few minutes. Your finger should toughen up in no time ;).