my finger hurts.........

the yoyo string really hurting my finger and it make her change color … if i try to release it a littel bit whan i do sleeper it tight back…

you have any tips?

This is just normal. If it starts to get really painful, you have two options:

  1. Tape your finger with some athletics tape
  2. Take a short break

Addment: You will eventually get a callous (hard skin) so it won’t be a problem in the future.

yup everyone who first started yoyoing will have this kind of problem…

for me i look for things that can cover my finger like tape, cloth, gloves etc.

or you can just keep playing until you can get used to it and later on it will form a callose(spelling?)

and remember also once it hurts too much stop playing and continue

Same thing happens to everybody. I just waited for the callus to form. Depending on how much you throw, It can take from a week to a couple of months to form. But nonetheless, It will form eventually :wink:

Yea just give it a short break. If you want you can try putting the string a little farther up or down your finger. When I first started I put black electrical tape on my finger. But eventually if you keep spinning you will get a callous. Also the callous will look really bad( as in dark and cracked) but if you keep going it will smooth out. Later.

Keep it spinning™

oh… ok… i trye to put it on the bone, on the uper and lower part of the finger… so you say its better to put on the middel and suffer untill it will became hard skin?

No not necessarily you can take a break for a wile till it stops hurting than go again. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Yeah… I know exactly what you mean. I tried Boomerang. Oh did that hurt! Now, I don’t even bother with that trick.

yea, some tricks like boomerang and maybe even boingy boing hurt if you do them to long. so the best idea is to adjust the string placement. move it on different parts of your finger or hand. also, if your learning boomerang, and your hand starts hurting, just do another trick for a while

Its a common problem, eventually a thick callous will form and you will have no more pain.

But if the pain gets too much, there are some good remedies.

1: A yoyo glove or billiard glove.
They are the same glove. Duncan just made their own.
They offer great finger protection against the tightening and string burn, and they allow the string to slide much easier throught your hands.

2: yomega tape, or 3M Micropore tape.
These are great finger protection, Many 2A players use it when practicing. (If you think 1A makes your finger hurt due to tightening, wait till you try 2A :slight_smile: )
And they are quite cheap.

3: Band aid.
Wrap a band aid around your finger, and you are ready to go.
The only thing I dont like about using a band aid, is that they can sometimes be sticky, and the string doesn’t slide well through it. Other times they can be too thick.

4: The cheapest of em all.
Take a rest from yoyoing, The pain will go away in maybe an hour, so if you can stand not yoyoing for a bit, Its the best way.

Either way, your fingers will thank you if they could :slight_smile:

Good luck with whatever you go ahead and try!


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yeah i just wear my 3m tape EVERYWHERE make for a fun excuse and a funny tan line haha. i just rip n 1/4 and 3/4 and put the 3/4 on then the 1/4 where the 3/4 ends so it doesnt slide off my finger and the red size of it is just to big to bend your finger. Hope you can understand that it should look like a row in the middle so that it slops teh string. really helped me so i dont have to take the time getting a calus altough i had one once… then i discovered i could get stronger straiter thows and play longer!

Well,it could hurt WAY more if your string is old,or is cotton.What string are you using?

Thanks dudes!! really! i bought a new yoyo and im waiting for the shippement to arive… i bought the hitman yoyo… i belive i could lerne beter then with my yoyo i have now… he is not too good… lots of the things the vid guy do i cant do… or because the yoyo sucks… or because i do… i hope its the yoyo…

how the hell in this vid in the 2:18 he pull the string and the yoyo suddenly come into a trapez and he go into hit hand… how he do this?!hiz finger in under the string not on it… so how he gets into trapez?!

oh and i use and old cotton string i think… lol i gess its the worst one hah?,1022.0.html I made this when I just started.

And cotton isn’t that bad. Preference.

When you pinch the string, to keep the string under your index finger and pull on the string, the yoyo is pulled up but since there’s a string on the yoyo, it will be stopped by the string to go up and swing over your finger.

Well,Batryn,cotton string hurts your finger more.If it is old,you really need to change it,move on to polys or 50/50s.