My finger is killing me...

I donno if many people have this problem… Im not sure what I am doing wrong… I am getting back into yo-yoing again from when I was a kid. I play for a while like 15-20 mins and the string is so tight around my finger that my finger is red and it hurts… I loosen it up and move the string a little bit… Same thing… after less then an hour I have to stop for a while… How do I get the string a little snug but not enough to hurt my finger so I can play indefinitely…
Thanks in Advance…

Well when u first start you have not formed a calus yet. I have been throwing over a year therefore i have a calus and theres a huge mark thet looks like a scar where my string goes. So just throw often and you will form a calus and it wont hurt so much. And eventually wont hurt at all.

you could buy a glove or just put tape around your finger either way works

hope this helped ;D

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You will eventually build up a callus… but I wouldn’t use a glove constantly, because when you don’t have one it hurts to yoyo. Having a glove is fine to reduce string burn, but I would try not to rely on it. And the title of this thread put this horrible image in my head…

Ya you’d be best off to let your finger toughen up, you won’t notice it in a couple weeks. However my finger can get dry and the callus will crack and bleed sometimes so you may want to use some lotion. :-\

Do you guys even read?

Anyway, how hard are you throwing? If you have a slipknot going on, it will tighten a bit as you throw. Not much you can do there. The only thing you can honestly do is loosen it. I’m naturally not a very hard thrower, so I don’t have this problem.

To shorten this up, you’re going to have to loosen. It’s just how the slipknot works. Same concept as hanging anything on a noose/slipknot. When you put the downward pressure on it, it tightens. Just how it does it.

Hope I can help.

This is what I did to get my calus as painless as possible. I would yoyo for a bit with the string straight on my finger until it hurt and left a big mark, and it hurt to throw anymore, and then I would put on a bandaid to continue throwing because it stopped the pain. Then once it stopped hurting i took it off. This was my method until i sucked up my nuts and just let the pain come until it no longer hurt at all. That works too ;D ;D ;D ;D

yup everyone feels hurt when yoyoing the first time but keep yoyoing and sooner or later it won’t hurt. I have the same problem with my left hand, but I continue yoyoing

I had the same problem! Just keep on yoyoing and when it starts to hurt very very much take it off and relax a little bit, then you can yoyo again, and for a couple of weeks your skin will get harder on the finger spot where you keep yoyo string and won’t hurt that much anymore

LOL seems even after your message, people still wouldn’t read the OP ^^

my son and wife both have this problem, but I never had.

  • keep your string tension in check

can’t help much more here

They just assume it’s string burn. If they’d read for once, they’d realize what he’s talking about. It’s like some people just post to post.

Is this a reference to me? If it is, I was saying that if he had string burn then a glove would be a good idea.

Not pointing fingers. Everyone before me did it. They didn’t read it, not saying you didn’t. But he was referring to a tight slipknot, not string burn in any way.

a double slipknot is a bit better, just do a slipknot and another slipknot with that

I have the problem of my slip knots getting too loose.

You could try medical tape, (not for string burn) because it will widen the imprint of the string and be less likely to cut off circulation.
Or sometimes I throw a half hitch on after the slip knot, but make sure they are not on top of each other or it might bind and be hard to get undone.

Finally, I would try larger or smaller loops to start out with in the string. I think a larger loop would make the slip knot loser and a smaller loop in the original knot would make it tighter, but that is just a theory.

found the perfect solution -> went 5A, problem solved

now it’s the back of my hand that hurts but the finger’s fine ^^

DITTO!! I did the exact same thing.