string burning my finger

how can i stop the string from hurting my finger when i throw it? It hurts like a rug burn and even if i dont tighten it, it automatically tightens when i throw it.

Well, around your finger- The slip knot automaticly tightens when you throw it, if you are talking about string trick- Then either get a glove or just deal… But you will grow calisauses(wrong) on your finger.

Make sure you are not just sticking the loop on your finger. Make a slipknot by pulling the string through the loop and placing it around your finger. Also, you could try various types of gloves. I use cotton gloves with grips.

That’s correct. As you yoyo more, you’ll get those things and it won’t hurt as much. I still can’t do tricks like boomerang though.

well some strings r better than others and hurt less than others so I would experiment with different tipes of strings

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This one is real easy.

Problem solved.

Doesn’t matter what string you’re using, or what trick you’re doing. :wink:

Oh it burrnss usss!!

Anyways, I just started it as well and I was intending to get gloves but I concluded I would rather get adapt to it than be in want of gloves anytime I want to yo for the rest of my days.

Is yo a grammatically correct verb?

Thanks for any insight,
Grammar Freak

Yes, it’s a correct verb. :wink:

And some people adapt, some don’t. It also depends on how much you’re throwing at the time.

Yeah. The best thing is to get a glove or possibly use some type of tape like atheletic tape because I have the same problem but I have gotten used to it. Also, my slipknot cuts my finger’s circulation. So, you just have to deal with it. Just make sure the slipknot is securely on your finger ;D

Yo the yo. and Walk the dog.


Gloves are too expensive. I just use some felt, or cloth around my finger.

Just stick with it. Chances are you will develop a callous