Finger string Burn


We all hear of rope burn, but when I tell someone that I got a string burn… People laugh. haha, Well People outside of the YoYo world.

Am I the only one who have my finger burn all the time when I try to learn and do some string trick such as boingy-boing and Boomerang. haha Or can It be, I doing something wrong?

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it happens to me too. string burn sucks. get a glove.


No, dont get a glove, practice more. Your hand will build up a callous. My hands are realy rough from this. Especially on my non-trow hand pointer. :wink:


it’s gonna suck but just deal with the pain


No your not the only one. If you interviewed every yoyoer, I doubt more than 20 of them would say that they haven’t had a string burn in their yoyo career.


ya your fingers will toughen up…I never understood gloves. My throwhand finger has a knarly callous that sometimes cracks and bleeds when it gets too thick. :-\


Gloves work. I don’t use em much, but if you go Mickey speed without gloves, your fingers would probably be bleeding after 20 mins. Longer grinds, no resistance in humidity, and faster play without hurting yourself. Downside is you can’t feel string as well


Just like they said, you’ll build a callus soon enough but in the mean time, if it hurts real bad and you think it will bleed the next time you throw, but you still wanna yoyo. Then You can go to your local Drug Store/Pharmacy and go to the band-aid aisle, There you wanna look for some CoFlex for 3-5 Dollars and it works great, it sticks to itself and not your finger(kinda like an Ace Bandage without the clips that hold it together). Wrap a little strip about scotch tape size around your finger and your good to go. It will protect your finger and also help prevent the string from sliding around you finger when throwing, if you have that problem. The Drugstore/Pharmacy is the quickest way to get it, But I believe that you can get it here in different Colors, the Drug Store/Pharmacy has White or Nude (Tan) and it’s usually bigger Rolls too. But you can Click Here to Purchase it Here on YYE.
I like it when My Finger gets sore or when I have a cut on that finger. For those of you who don’t know or haven’t seen it here is a pic:


Please just don’t put glue on your finger. From playing guitar I have build up calluses on my left fingers. from yoyoing i have done the same. If your like fresh out of the shower try to avoid throwing or else it wont build up as much and will hurt more. Good luck!


lol i just got out of the shower and was throwing but it hurt to much so i came on here instead :stuck_out_tongue:


one thing to try is getting 100% polyester string. That seems to alot smoother. Or just get a glove!


Eli hops is my fingers arch nemesis! The better you do them the more it hurts LOL.


I have calluses all over my fingers, but for 4a i need a glove, fact is i melted a hole in my duncan glove from the friction of the string burn…


ya you will get a calis over a period of time


I like to feel the string so I don’t use gloves and when it hurts i rest… simple


Mines hasn’t cracked and bled since 2001 or 02 started throwing seriously in '99. But I remember that, it’d be so painful that you couldn’t throw until it healed up.

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With the colder dryer weather I’ve gotten cuts on the side of my middle and pointer finger on the first knuckle the last two days. Stings pretty good when you hit it with the string on a breakaway.