Help with string burn.

Please help me. I was doing boomerang this morning and the string just sliced trough my skin on my finger. I put a band aid on to put a barier between my finger and the strin but it cut through the band aid to any help?

the duncan glove will help

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or take this healing time to learn something new.

What i do is put tape around the part where the string goes.
I had the exact same prob man. But i just got the idea. The tape i use is like masking tape (pretty sure you’d have some lying around your house) only a bit lighter. But you can use that also.
Or just that band aid,i’ve yo-yo’d with a band aid on. Only prob with that is that if you’re using white string the color of the band aid’ll get onto the string. Or at least it did with me. No biggie. :slight_smile:
Oh,one more thing! DO NOT put it on too tight. (Common sense though)

Gloves, plus i’d give yoyolunatics thick “suicide” string a try, i swear it gives no string burn what-so-ever.

they re more $ than most gloves like $11

I had this problem and to fix it I hust yoyoed less. I think that a glove would be a better solution. Also try and find some smoother string.

FAIL! Yoyo less?! C’mon man!!! NEVER!!! :o

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Keep playing. You’ll callus up eventually.

what mikers said… suck it up and build a callous. otherwise, what string are you using? must be some tight stuff, maybe ed can help with that, try some of his hand twisted cotton. sometimes when i make string it slices me when i set it up on the rig, especially the stuff that uses nylon. i use micropore tape on my fingers when this happens. also, if you’re using plastic band aids those melt under friction. try using the cloth ones… i forget what theyre made of, but they make em for people who are allergic to latex. keep throwing, and try some other string. looser tensioned stuff. on that note, twist your own string. you cant go wrong with that! good luck!

Yeah, just play around with your string tension and you should be good. Also like other people said you can buy a yoyo glove.