String burn.

Hey, hope your all doing OK today.

I got a problem, and that problem is string burn. I’ve been practicing my sky binds, and its hurting quite a lot now. What do you do to stop string burn? Gloves? Or do your hands get used to it after a while, kind of like building up calluses on guitar?

well you could do something like put a bit of bandage and some tape round it and that’d be quite cheap or you could order some yoyo gloves

you do end up getting used to string burn eventually but you can always buy gloves or finger tape like stated above,but eventually a calous will form and kinda end that irritation,just be sure to avoid those binds if they end up turning into string cuts,which you will get by burning into the knuckle groves of your throw hand index finger,if it starts to get as bad as that just by some gloves,may take some time to get used to but they do help.

I have used a bandage like has been mentioned.  You can also try this.

I’m going to assume string burn that’s not the loop attached to your throwing finger.

Usually my finger gets used to string burn in time…since the skin in the area where the string runs across the most tends to eventually build up a callous. But I also try out different strings since different strings have different levels of friction against the human skin.

I have a couple of gloves too, but it tends to get in the way when I play fast. Either that or I’m just not used to wearing them

okay one trick i have seen from a friend is to cover the part your using in super glue it lets you move freely and keeps you from burning. gloves also work really well i like using them for fast tricks and finger grinding.

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Super glue yup

I always wear gloves whenever I can.
I even have tricks designed specifically for situations where I wouldnt take my gloves w me

Superglue, if you don’t mind getting these on your skin.

If I ever get string burn, I’ll follow these steps exactly:

  1. Cry out in pain equivalent to stepping on a 1x1 lego piece.
  2. Inspect the finger and suck on burned part
  3. Take slip-knot off of throw-hand and sit down for 5-10 minutes.

Btw, I’ve never heard about the superglue method and it sounds pretty smart; but I don’t think I would do it because I just hate the feeling of superglue on my skin for some reason.

The only trick I do really fast, is boingy boing, in some different variations. I started to get a glove, or try a bandage, but decided to just play through it. I never broke the skin, just irritated it pretty bad to a point where the skin gets red and shiny in one spot and hurts. So, when it gets really unbearable, I just stop and give it a rest until the next day. By that time, I’ve been killing it enough anyway, and got enough practice in for the day with that trick. I’m fine with moving on to some other tricks.

So, typically, I just play through it. No pain, no gain. :wink:

String Burns will constantly happen, especially if you are exploring new tricks and movements that are totally new to you. (which happens to me a lot when making up, or learning a new type of trick)

I don’t wear gloves to often, but if i were you i would wear the glove, esp if your really working on it!

But you are also right, that eventually over time, you will build up calluses and eventually get used to it! : )

Since i don’t really use gloves, i tend to use softer yo-yo strings IE: YOYOStringLab strings!!!

Best of luck on your Sky Binds!!! : )



I know what you’re talking about with the sky bind string burn. I had the same problem and I’m guessing you’re getting it on your NTH index or middle finger, and it’s on an area of the finger that doesn’t see much friction except when you do that bind, so building a callus is tricky. I started “cheating” a little when I do those sky binds if I’m getting a lot of irritation. Instead of sliding the string around the inside of my index or middle finger when popping the yoyo up, I roll my thumb into the mix. I use the pad of my thumb to press on the string and act as the pivot point instead of my index finger. The skin there is a lot thicker and less susceptible to burn.

Real men don’t wear gloves, use tape, or superglue ;). Play through it, worst that happens is you get a nasty infection from the string cutting you.

Real man play even with dripping blood, no tape, no superglue, no excuse ;D
Seriously though, I used to have string burns like all the time when I first started. Heck I have problems binding because my rather soft skin can’t handle the string rub when doing bind from breakaway. Binding took me like a month or so, simply because of this problem.
Keep practicing and you skin will naturally develop callouses.

Medical tape :wink:
It allows your finger to bend and breath while still protecting it from friction.
If you must, gloves.