Ouch! String Burn!


Do you guys ever move your finger really fast on the string and burn your finger? Yeah,doesn’t feel to good. What’s the worst case of string burn you have had, and how often do you get it while yo-yoing?


I don’t get burned too much anymore because callouses help :-\

But on the other hand, where have you been you just went dormant for a while


i haven’t got string burn for ages. anymore my hands are so accustomed to slinging around a yoyo that the contact points are calloused and its pretty much a non-issue. If i use a looping yoyo for a long time my string finger can get kinda sore from the blood cutoff but its not near as bad as what it was when i started yoyoing.


My preferred style is speed.
Surprisingly, not REALLY often, but like 1/15 speed tricks.


Worst case I’ve had is boing e boinging as fast as I could and not realizing that the poly string was trying to give me an Indian burn

(LordCanti) #6

Worst for me was when I practiced ONLY sky binds for an entire day, I literally made my finger bleed, then I put tape over it and continued… I can officially say that I now can do sky bind 95% of the time. :wink:


Sky bind for me, too. I believe I was using the Rethink tutorial, that shows the NTH index finger only, extended and seemingly moving fairly rapidly along the string to cause the upward hop.

Now I wrap my whole hand around so that I have the insides of 3 or 4 fingers along the string and I’ve learned to only slide as much as necessary. Sky bind all the time with nary a burn now.

(major_seventh) #8

Got it so bad I drizzled super glue into the groove so I could continue.


I’ve worn grooves into my finger so often I’ve lost count. Now if it gets bad enough I use BandAid Activ-Flex to cover the crack and keep on going.


Well once I decided to Eli hop as fast as I can and then boing-e-boing as fast as I can
Yah but it doesn’t happen too often


I’ve noticed just recently (string burn city :frowning: unfortunately) that sweat really can contribute in string burns. Just last night I was practicing an off-string routine, and the sweat was making the string stick on my arms and legs and causing painful string burns.


I had it so bad my fingers bled. Then I put tape on and continued


Practicing 4A vertical boingy-boing. I noticed my string turn a little red and saw my finger was bleeding. I put on a band-aid and continued to practice


i only 1A and 5A, some i get just end up turning into calluses,sooo doesnt affect u at some point,u can always glove it for the day,just that hand it’ll be okay by the next day,i work ona grill, so ima accustomed to real burns, and it doodoo to yoyo afterwards XD, band aids, hand tape, nylon glove…,my fave is the band aids and glove,wont feel a thing