String makes my fingers uncomfortable?

Hello, I just had a quick question. Every time I yoyo, it feels weird on my NTH index finger (the one that helps me bind), because it feels like a rug burn type sort of thing. String burn, I guess. Is there any way to prevent this? I tried band aids, but they simply just do not work. And I would REALLY prefer to not having to buy any kind of gloves or anything. I’ve just played through it for quite some time now because I thought that I would eventually get used to it, but I’m not. Any suggestions please?

Either wait for a callous to form there, or you could buy some slicker string. (Or softer) Normal toxic strings are great.

Sorry, not sure if this was a typo or not, but what do you mean by “wait for a callus to from there” mean?

Like you know a callous on your hand. Hardens up the skin where the string burns you after a while.

Ohhhhh. No, there aren’t any things like that. It just burns a bit when I bind, and it doesn’t help that I am learning the boomerang trick right now either XD. Anybody, other suggestions please?

No. He is saying you should wait for a callous to develop. A callous is as crazyshanky said, your skin getting harder. After you play a long time, your finger will start to feel rougher and harder, and this will reduce the string burn.

When I was starting out, I didn’t have the patience to wait and develop a strong callous, and I didn’t want to use gloves. So I went searching for some really soft strings that won’t burn my finger. That’s what you might want to do.

What string are you using? I recommend looking into getting some YYSL AMMO, or for a little cheaper, Unknown YoYo Strings Annihilators.

Ohhhhh I see what you guys are saying now. Ok, I guess I will go get some more finger burns on purpose so I can continue my journey to beating Hiroyuki Suzuki in a yoyo competition. ;D Thanks. Any other suggestions are still welcome though, maybe for other people reading, or for an even better idea, so feel free to post any other suggestions.

Try super gluing the string burn.

LOL! Was that a joke or not? Either way, it made me laugh.

Nah, Super Glue is pretty legit for stuff like that. I’ve never tried it, but for example Flea from the Chili Peppers used to superglue his thumb, which would get beat to heck from all the slappin’ he does on the bass.

A few thoughts:

  1. Boomerang is REALLY string-burn-inducing. I only ever do it with the string across the inside of four fingers. Never one finger at a time.

  2. You can compensate in part for string-burn-inducing tricks with technique. The trick that used to be a major burn risk for me was Sky Bind. But I improved my technique and use the “multiple fingers, not just the index finger” thing, and now burns aren’t even a passing worry.

  3. Lots of people say stick to standard poly, but… don’t feel bad about trying some different strings. Some induce burn more than others. They can ALL create friction, but some are better than others, that’s all.

I find whenever I go back to Slick 6 for my responsive stuff I get pretty bad string burn, when I’m using Kitty I get very little string burn, but if my fingers are already pretty bad it can still be quite painful. BUT when I use YYSL Type X it is so soft I can keep playing non stop and it will be so gentle on my fingers it will actually allow existing string burn and the like to heal nicely.

TL;DR: try YYSL Type X it plays great, and is super soft on your fingers

I find Type X is great, but not the most friction-resistant out there. I’m pretty sure my only major string burn I ever had was a Sky Bind using Type-X.

I mean, you should get some anyway, but all strings have friction and Type X is no exception. :wink:

Tough it out, eventually the spots that give you string burn will become hard from callusing.