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How do I keep my string from hurting my finger? It tightens as I use the yoyo and sometimes starts cutting off my finger’s circulation. I practice yo-yoing almost every day and even bring it to school and I still haven’t built up any callous on my finger.[color=red][/color]


What type of strings are you using now? If it hurts, you could try to use some slick(poly/cotton mix) before your callous forms.


A thicker string will help, I find YYSL Ammo very comfy indeed.

Apart from changing the string, making sure you position the slipknot in the least-uncomfortable place on your finger as well as ensuring that the knot isn’t too big and cumbersome will help. A large knot can sometimes dig in and cause unneccesary pain.

Inevitably there will be a bit of circulation-cutting-off, but I can’t imagine it’ll do you any long term damage. I think changing strings till you build up more of a Callus is your best bet. :slight_smile:


Use a yoyo glove. Duncan makes one that you can buy here. Or YYE also sells “yoyotape” that you can buy and wrap around your finger so the string doesnt dig into your finger as much. But once your finger callouses, youll be fine.


I remember these days. The days when my finger used to hurt from simply throwing the yo. You need to keep with it, no pain no gain. The more you throw the more that calus will form. It’s almost just as bad as starting to play guitar for the first time.


Tie your knot a little bigger next time or take the current one and spin loop 180 degrees and give that a try. I notice smaller knots like to tighten up really badly and a little larger knots don’t have the propensity to get nearly as tight.

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“Lol, I aint had the problem of string burn since my fingers’ skin became hard as steel.” BUT, Yoyostringlab Ammo has to be the best string out there, AND its super soft. Great stuff. Wont ever give you string burn.


You can do the weird two finger slipknot thing, like Moebius but standard 1A. Or yoyo tape or one of those finger wraps you slide onto your finger. They sell then at a store better known for the awesome tutorials than stores.


You could get billiards gloves or use a softer string that’s what I ind works.


Are you using yye poly or kitty? I have found both these to really burn


I’m a drummer, so what I do is with some white electrical tape I wrap it around my finger, and I don’t get that roughness from the string anymore. It helps a lot when I’m just playing for long periods of time.

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Yeah tape is good until you get a callous

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This might help, check it out!,66609.0.html