String burns


My left pointer finger has been getting string burns recently. It’s happening at my two joints from when I bind. Is this something that you naturally become resistant to? Or perhaps it’s due to how I bind or from the type of string I use? I use 50/50 string:{47}50-POLY-COTTON---SLICK-6-YoYoExpert-String

I’ve tried using medical tape to cover my finger but that greatly reduces my dexterity and accuracy, so I’d like to avoid it. I also don’t want to go the glove route because, well, no.

tl;dr version: Will I eventually stop getting string burns?


Yes, you will eventually develop a callous and it won’t hurt as much. But what I do is just use really soft string :stuck_out_tongue:


Yah, I hate string burn. I’d recommend not learning boomerang if you get a lot of string burn XD
I guess you can use yoyo gloves.


The string I use doesnt give you string burn doing boomerang unless you do it for like over a minute :smiley:


Does anyone know of a way to help string burns heal faster? I want to keep throwing!


super glue. Just put it over string burns, cuts, you name it.
Also, try using 100% poly or similar synthetic string. 50/50 is more responsive and has a higher coefficient of friction. aka string burns are more likely to occur while using it.


Ya your fingers will get tougher in time. The string does play a big part in it to. General yo Kevlar string is pretty rough along with the old hamstrings which where both what got my fingers toughened up but string labs string is super soft. Love the feel of the ammo.

I remember when I first started throwing a lot and my middle finger on my NTH got all messed up and my TH middle finger got really raw from the slip not. Eventually that will go away and you will be proud of your yoyo calluses lol.

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Your index finger will get nice and rough in as little as a week. String burn happens but not for long. Just let it happen and it goes away because you develop a calluse


First of all, drop the 50/50 string. You’re not doing your hands any favors by using string with cotton in it. Pick up some 100% poly string. Much softer.

When it comes to string burn, super glue can help a lot. I used to buy it in bulk until I started using gloves. A thin layer of super glue (there are big differences in different brands of super glue - shop around) can seal cracks in calluses, offer a protective layer against string burn, and is mostly unnoticeable in daily life.

Though i know you don’t want them, gloves are an option. Most American players don’t seem to use them, but they’re extremely popular in Asia. A goods pair of gloves can speed up play considerably and offer full hand protection. I’d recommend picking up “queen of hearts nylon gloves” on amazon. Excellent, cheap gloves.

Is you don’t want to use super glue or gloves, the only thing you can do is yoyo through the pain until you develop thicker calluses.


I’ll have to pick some super glue up tomorrow. Not sure why I didn’t think of that.

I can’t justify buying more string since I still have 97 left and I just dropped 65$ on a new throw. I’ll have to look into it in the future though.

So, should I be giving my finger time to heal, should I throw with tape/glue on, or should I continue to throw in extreme moderation? Like, not enough to make it worse, but not stop completely.


You can adjust your technique (make the string touch different parts of your fingers). It’s probably best to just yoyo as much as you feel comfortable with. If it hurts too much, stop. You’re not doing any real damage to your fingers anyway.

Personally, before I developed my calluses, I yoyoed until my fingers bled. Probably not a great idea, but my fingers turned out fine.

And as for the super glue, look for The Original Super Glue brand super glue. It’s among the most durable on skin.


I’ve tried hitting different parts but that seems to kill my accuracy completely. I suppose I’ll just continue to lightly play.

Till you bled?! Dude, that’s insane…

I’ll pick up some super glue but I’ll try to avoid using it unless I really need to. Thanks for the advice.


Yup. I we ALL had to go through this stage. I just toughed it out till my fingers hardened. You just have to play till it starts hurting then take a break.


I’ve been playing fairly consistently every day for a year, and although I’ve had some string burn, I’ve not yet developed a callous. Kind of wish I could, but it’s just not happening!


You will eventually develop calluses. It’s kinda like with guitar. I have made my fingers bleed while playing. Now they barely even hurt because the skin has just gotten use to it.


I’ve played guitar for 20 years; I know about callouses. :wink: I’m not developing them for yoyo, though.


I got a few bad ones, and thought of buying some “tape” from YYE.  It happens most often due to trapeze and his brother (fast and repetitive), on the top of my left middle finger, and due to fast boings on my left index finger.  I had a rash on that middle finger for awhile, maybe due to the dye in the string, but I don’t have that problem anymore.  I’m one of those “sensitive skin” people.  :P  Try the glue, gloves or tape sold here.  I wish they had black for me:  :stuck_out_tongue:


When I was starting, I would switch around the fingers I use to do stuff… Now I have callouses, so I don’t get string burn often. To prevent string burn during tricks like boomerang, use all four fingers to hold the string up.


Huh…You know I’ve heard of all of this myself, but I also have yet to have any callouses, nor any string burns…I may vaguely recall one, but that could be just my brain making up memory. However I do know that if I did have a string burn I sure didn’t notice and kept playing on and on. Could it be I already had callouses from something else before I even started yo-yoing? ???


Try the pure aloe vera for sun burns when you take breaks. I apply it, let it dry then throw another coat on.