string burns/string cuts


i really want to know does any one have any suggestions for string burns or cuts … i recently noticed that when i throw a trapeze/breakaway … the string releases over my middle finger and its the same spot every time i throw and its actually starting to bother me a lil. It looks like i got a lil crack on my middle finger… the skin is very dry around that area, i use lotion but its just that one spot …

anyways… i see a lot of people use … gloves but … i am just not that into gloves…but maybe i need to get some

any other suggestions… tape or bandage ?


better than tape or even a glove… build a callace (i have no idea how to spell that word)


the dry cracked skin you’re talking about is probably your finger building a callous. if you really don’t want it, you can use tape. when I first started, before I got a good callous, the slipknot would really hurt after a while. So I just put a little bit of duct tape on my finger where the string goes and it solved the problem.

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It goes away.
Just lotion it and put a bandaid over it.


Thanks for the suggestions… Guess I just gota man up lol hope it goes away but I ma try to use tape or a bandage …

I see y people wear gloves… The only one I see here are the Duncan ones…

I wonder what athletes use… Some sort of tape for their fingers… Don’t kno what it’s called, usually basketball players have em


Most of the athletes(including NBA all stars are just using plain old medical tape, just most often in larger amounts and put on by someone who really knows their stuff.


Ahhh medical tape!! I ma have to try that, but regular tape worked for me but dont like the feel of it. I ma go get some medical tape

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Try rubbing Vaseline on it if you get a string burn. Otherwise just put on gloves.


Get a callus after a while.




They sell yo-yo tape here


This happens to every yoyoer. Really, you’re better off toughing the pain out and trying to figure out new methods to avoid the burn/cut that you have on your fingers by throwing the yoyo a little differently.


Yessss!!! Sweet.  Orderinggggg


You suck it up. Seriously, if you just keep yoyoing without any tape your finger will develop a callus, or at least harden a little. So… BE MANLY!


My fingers bleed. I use lotion.


yeah it mos def hardened up , but i think cus i yoyo outside sometimes and its really cold now … so doesn’t help my case… lol my hands get dry fast …

and yeah lotion is great… but i am at the point where my hands drink it like water ;D


String burn for me is caused by sweaty hands. I use anti per spirant. That helps dry out hands.

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Antiperspirant does work.


now thats news to me