finger cuts?

how many of you yoyo so long that your index finger and middle finger get cut by string burn or something?

Most everyone I’d imagine. Put some super glue on them and play on. No joke. Works like a charm.

Words of wisdom from this guy…

I got a callous once that had a little groove where the string loop went…

And yes ive gotten copious amounts of blood on my strings before…

The middle of my finger seems to be have been swollen for like 3 months it’s way fat compared to the other fingers

I cut my middle finger right above the knuckle and cut my index on the side under the knuckle.

You might want to have that looked at. If it’s sore, try changing your throw. My middle finger was sore all the time late last year. Now I throw kind of like I’m holding a counterweight. I allows the string to go over my my index finger, too, adding support. My finger doesn’t hurt any more. It took a while to get used to but now it’s natural.

I have gotten deep indents but never bled

Indent on throw hand, nasty burn on non-throw-hand; once from from a Sky Bind gone wrong, once from a stop-and-go gone wrong.

I know a few people that do this, myself included.

I just get the groove on my TH middle finger but that’s it now it doesn’t hurt, but I never cut my hands from string.

New-Skin liquid band aid. I originally started using it on my fingertips for rock climbing. The stuff is awesome. Works like a charm on little cuts, and I put a bit on if I start to get a hot spot. It’s like glue, but less toxic, and you can remove it without another solvent.

Glue and New-Skin is a temporary solution. Build up the callouses the natural way. If it hurts, give it a rest for a bit.

I always thought NewSkin was just $8 super glue. Smells the same and burns just as much.

It’s not the same stuff. I looked at the ingredients. NewSkin should smell worse and burn more, but work better.

You just settled an argument for me :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking its the same thing for years. I sure as heck have used enough super glue on flesh wounds!

And this is why yoyo gloves where invented,…

When I first started throwing hard.

Do you use them? I think it would feel weird and make plucking a string more difficult.

gloves take a lot of getting used to. I’ve warn costume gloves while throwing before. Everything’s much more slick, and seems to move so much faster.

I used to get cuts all the time, but i think a lot of it has to do with your skin being dry. Now i always use some moisturizer before i go to bed and after i shower, problem solved.

use em all the time.