String burn on throwing hand..

Just wondering what you folks do to help with this?

I was nearly bleeding from the string biting into my finger on my throwing hand… So I started putting a fabric band-aid between the two knuckles… no issues now…

But, is there a better solution?

Some people use gloves, in fact there are some sold on this site. However you’ll usually find that you start to develop a callous after enough play which will help with the issue. These days I can play for hours on end with no problems because I stuck it out at the start.

Just take a break first.
Once you really get into it, you will start developing a callous, once that happens string burns wouldn’t affect you that much.

I should have known… just like guitar…

Why is it that everything leads back to guitar… :wink:

Super glue. No joke. Works like a charm. I use it on all sorts of nicks and cuts as well as my fingertips when they split in the winter.

Yep, super glue. That’s not my personal method (I like to feel a “connection” with the yoyo, so I don’t use anything to prevent string but callouses), but it’s the most widely used and accepted way

Some people use gloves. Some people use this tape that they sell on yyye that you wrap around your finger when you start to yoyo. I dont use those though… I personally just play untilits too much, then move the slipknit just a little bit higher up, then keep moving it every once in a while…

I use the finch head knot for the slipknot of all my strings. Even ones that are “grabby” enough. Tighten it up nice and snug, and it doesn’t “move” against the skin (sliding around or whatever). Yes, the finger still gets sore and if it continues to tighten up on its own, circulation gets compromised. But I never get string burn.

Try masking tape. Band aids are too expensive.

The fastest way to solve this is to deal with it. (Not in a mean way)
I just stopped after the pain was bad. After a while you will never feel pain in your hands.

put rubbing alcahol over your finger after playing it will develop calouses quicker

Another helpful advise- take breaks occasionally, even with a callous,it can crack and that is never good.

Yup, this hurts even more. I have my callous just completely break open. I even hear a little “pop” when it splits open as I throw a break away. Then I would put superglue on it :smiley:

For me my callous cracked and inside of it was a new callous…

Super glue is non-toxic and works great for closing up cuts. I always use it on my non-throwhand pointer. After about a year of throwing you feel any pain from the slipknot.

A softer string definitely helps. Something like Fat Kitty’s are much more comfortable and won’t cut in as much. :slight_smile:

Just stick with it I’ve been yoyoing for like 4 years now it doesn’t hurt any more at all!!! (:

I havent had a problem with my slipknots hurting me since i started throwing, and that was just the circulation getting cut off, my hands are veryy rough considering im a gingerkid. They make yoyo tape, they sold it on a website that has now been closed. It was just hockey tape tho.

Coincidentally, I used masking tape because I could not afford band-aids. After about a week or so, my hands toughened up. Good luck:)