How do you prevent string burn

Recently if been getting skin burns and blue fingers do you know anyway to prevent it or should i get a glove or a finger tape ???

Putting tape over your finger where the string rests helps a lot. Gloves help too.

I learned yo-yoing without a slip knot and i wear the string like a ring on my finger so when i throw a sleeper the string lays on my first knuckle. Recently the string’s been rubbing and causing rope burn so i put a band-aid there to protect the skin and it works very well


Oh, when I use a Band-Aid it gets all sticky and doesn’t work at all and just get’s annoying. I would either get a glove, or buy some string off of the forums that somebody claims that they didn’t get string burn from it. For example, M2 bought some suicide string from Yoyolunatic and M2 claims that it gives you no string burn at all. Bought also get a glove if you have to. :wink:

toughen up.
if you have massive callouses already and the issue is that they’re splitting on the side of your index fingers, then krazy glue works pretty well. if you’re going to use a ‘buffer’, the only one i’d go with is 3m medical tape - micropore, durapore, or transpore. that and stay out of the humidity - lol.