String hurts.

I’ve been playing with my yoyo so much today i’ve got a bruise on my finger. Is there anyway to keep your finger from doing this? I’m not much of a complainer but now when i yoyo it hurts.

put surgical tape the stretchy kind around your finger then when u yo it wont get hurt

I just happen to have some. lol. thanks.

Harden up. lol

get some gloves mabey.

After yoyoing for a few weeks or so, you start to build a callous. This is just hardened skin that will make it not really hurt when you yoyo.

It’s a natural process for almost all throwers. It’s a callous on the spot where the string is wrapped so eventually the pain will go away. Also the callous will form where the string rubs on the throw. I recommend not doing tape or gloves to get the callous and have that proud finger with the six pack (as one of our members have said. Just the six pack part.)

So it will eventually go away. And I’ll have a 6 pack on my finger? lol ???

yeah man it wont hurt eventually, six pack is an exageation but yeah, you will have a fingers that can take everything you thow at them

It’s not hurting as much now. Can’t wait to get my ~six pack". :slight_smile:

man up and you will eventually get a callus

or throw with them