CALLUSEs yay or nay

I currently have calluses and when I tie on the yoyo string, it aches more than if I didn’t have a callus, so I MADE A POLL! :smiley:

Even though you aren’t looking for suggestions, I resubmit:,66609.msg724622.html#msg724622

Thx, but the thing is, I HAVE calluses. They just hurt like crazy :confused:

I feel like if it hurts that much your callus may not be fully developed.

Let’s just say, when you weight lift, yoyo calluses are nothing compared to what you’ll get.

My calluses from guitar and stage lighting. The stage lighting isn’t were the string sits but anyone who knows perfomance lighting knows they are hot to work with. Either way my calluse on my th and nth middle finger is very advanced.

I don’t really know if this is a common thing with a yoyo callus (because I don’t spend my time looking at yoyoers calluses) but the callus I have is right behind the first knuckle of my middle finger and it kinda has a trench indented into my finger where the slipknot usually goes :stuck_out_tongue: But then I have other various calluses on my hands from constant friction against the string. But no mine don’t hurt at all, they shouldn’t if they’re developed

My throw hand index finger has a callus that bleeds at the top joint on the side where the string lays,… from time to time. I use a lot of nylon string so it’s not that surprising to me, but I just use one wrap of tape around it when it starts to bleed.

I’ve never noticed that happening with other YoYo throwers, so I’m not sure why I have it happening to me.

Anyway, no big deal.

Happens to me too despite having a callus developed in that area. Maybe it’s some sort of weather thing since we live in similar climates. I just use liquid bandage on it when it happens since tape/bandages making throwing hard.

Between yoyoing and lifting calluses and some old fishing scar tissue my hands are pretty rough for a person who spends about 21-22 hours a day between sleeping and sitting at a computer screen either messing around or working. If I happen to be fishing a lot my hands get even more battle scars as they go from being torn up to developing new calluses but these days all that’s left are a few small scars.

To answer OP’s question, sometimes a callus just cracks or peels in a weird way and gets easily irritated, just one of those things that happens. After a while it will heal and all will be well again.

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Yeah. Basically on both of my index fingers and my left hand middle finger. I don’t get string burn anymore.

Yes, I do; no, they don’t.

A callus is basically a part of your skin that has been rubbed raw, thus the skin dies. I don’t think it’s actually possible for it to hurt once you’ve built up a good one.
To most people, it hurts until they have one. Once they have one, great news, pain’s over. :smiley:

Well, unless you accidentally tear one off. Once saw a picture of a freerunner who had pretty much ripped his entire palm off. Grisly…

There are many ways of removing callus’s. Most people soak it in water until it’s softened and then shave it down with a knife or blade, but I wouldn’t personally advise it to you as I know what Americans are like with law suits… :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, I’ve found them to be beneficial. I can yoyo for hours without any problems now, something that would have hurt when I first started. Thicker string can help in this as well, I use YYSL Ammo which is nice and soft, so I never get any problems, whereas last time I used stock Kitty I did find it digging into my finger a bit.

I value callouses for both guitar and yoyo. As mentioned by Zorro, the point is that you DON’T feel pain once you get one. :wink:

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Callouses are simply a part of yoyoing, and are really beneficial, but they can split quite painfully during cold weather or if you fail to keep your hands moisturized. I get it worst on the left side of my right pointer finger directly at the first knuckle, because of my 5A-ish style of throwing.

Proper prevention should keep callouses from splitting but it’s probably a thing that’ll happen to everyone sooner or later. It’s certainly better than having raw fingers all the time.

You can also get pretty hefty ones on the far side of your left hand from 4A tosses, because of how the string rubs when you throw and grasp the string to bring it to length. Those have always been the most painful contacts for me, 'specially since I don’t play enough to form a callous. I presume once I do, it’ll be less and less of an issue.

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Did you vote xiaoxiao? If so i think you voted wrong. But for me, the second option

Calluses are a gift when it comes to yoyoing. Gets rid of all that not too cool string burn.

This is MY poll, so I didn’t bother voting.
According to the info Patcondon gave me, I failed to keep my hands moisturized.

Please note that that’s only regarding splitting skin. If it just aches without cracking, that’s not related.

When you first start the strong is going to hurt, or even cut your your finger. I had to wear a bandaid for a while in the beginning. After a while the mark left on your finger will disappear, and won’t come back no matter how much you throw. You just have to “break you finger in”, and eventually it won’t hurt.