Finger and Hand calluses?

Hey guys, I know most of you have been into yoyoing for a much longer time than me. So I was wondering if you guys have calluses on your hands and fingers, right now I need to tape my fingers if I want to yoyo for any extended period of time otherwise the repeated string impact on my fingers will cut them up. Anyone else have this problem?

i have had each of my index fingers bleeding but not at the same time and right now i have calluses bt i ignore them even if it hurt

I used to put part of a glove on my finger, but now it’s calloused up and good to go. I have never had them bleeding, and if you do then you should stop because that’s just stupid.

Yeah if they start to bleed STOP an infection on your string finger means no yoyoing but yeah i have calluses on my hand and finger.They will build up after a lot of yoyoing

Yep, that’s how my fingers were during the first few weeks of throwing. I used up a whole lot of tape before the calluses were thick enough to prevent massive string burn.

Just remember to keep it safe. Don’t keep throwing even though your fingers clearly can’t take much more. It’s better to stop and continue tomorrow, then to get hurt and continue after a week.

been only throwing for 3 weeks today … and happy to tell you the pain will stop very fast.
When ever it hurts too much put tape or a thick plaster and keep throwing … thats what i did and after a week i couldnt feel a thing anymore. (i do throw over an hour a day)

What worked for me was placing the string at different locations in between my throw-finger knuckles when it got too painful. That worked very well for me.

I have a blood stuck up in my index finger because of always play, Well, It’s my new ring. :smiley: (Color RED)

Take breaks…don’t push yourself to the extremes…your fingers might fall off…lol jus kidding…
But seriously, if you play long enough calluses will form…thus reducing pain and string burn…


If you yoyo,…it will come.


I have callouses several plasses. Playing bass, I got it on my fingertips too.