Every players worst fear


Dings, scuff marks, scratches and all other battle scars. I don’t know about you guys but whenever a yoyo of mine gets hurt I die a little inside. Today I was working on a few new tricks at school and got a lil cocky once I noticed that a few people were staring at me so I decided to do something flashy and Tried to jump an eli hop. It resulted in this :frowning: this avalanche ment a lot to me I bought it off kristian kalusa himself and now it’s scared for life.

(DOGS) #2

I’m sorry, but if dings make you die a little each time, you’re not going to last long.

EDIT: I figured I should add a shred of sympathy. Sucks that that happened to ya, man. It’s still gonna happen pretty much no matter what as long as you play it.


If you don’t like it you could always send it to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Everybody in the community seems to LIKE dings. I know it adds personality but to me they look plain ugly.


i like dings i call them acid washes

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My worst fear would probably be doing a gyroscopic flop with my mint 28s avalanche and the string breaking, it falling onto the road getting all sorts of dings, then somehow bouncing up and hitting me square in the crotch, then in all my pain and agony I stumble…I’m on a bridge by the way, and fall backwards off the bridge into oncoming traffic.


I’m not gonna cry about it either lol it’s just a ding but yeah it still sucks.


Yeah, Dings indeed painfull sometimes.

But I think no yoyo ment to be mint forever.


Yeah I got a few dings on my 54 when a friend was using it… I didn’t even know he was using it until I hear a ding from a few rooms over… It only got two dings but the thing was perfect before. But eh who cares I mean it’s going to happen sometime.


meh. dings happen. it’s a toy… as long as it’s not so bad that it effects play, I’m fine with it.


My worst fear is loosing one or both of my arms. Or just hurting them. :wink:


I feel so sorry for you. :frowning:

(ed) #13

my value is not diminished by my scars, and neither is that of my yo-yo.
evidence of play - of taking risks and failing - is only ugly if you think that things should stay new. there was a time when i knew what you’re talking about. but now i’m afraid of the opposite: of trying to grope at the past or protect the future at the expense of the present. understand, i don’t think dings make a yo-yo ‘cooler’ either. to me, they’re nothing to be proud of OR pissed at. yo-yoing has become my vehicle for accepting the world and putting myself out there among its jagged edges. you’re gonna get dinged, and it’s more than alright; it’s kinda sacred.


yup I’m glad it still plays fine :). It’s just that to me the first ding is always the worst but I accept them.

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Dings are fun.

Get more.


Yes sir!!! I just threw my Rainbow Dash FHZ on the asphalt…


my friend tried my precious Supernova Lite, and i made him attempt to use it on the grass. I was trying to protect my yoyo, and my friend is a little bit klutzy. I was happy that my yoyo was safe. Then, when he through it, the string slipped of his finger, and the yoyo flew into the street and got like 50 dings from the asphalt. My new rule is, no one but yoyoers use my yoyos. The next day I let a more responsible person try my yoyo, and she promptly dinged it on the ground :stuck_out_tongue:


then hand em a plastic >.>


Exactly. Have some cheap plastics for “trial/borrow” purposes.

I have no problem handing a crew member a $700 mic, but I won’t let them touch my yoyos! Well, that’s not entirely true, but you get the idea.


Word, That was really deep. It actually made me feel a lot better thanks! :]