do dice counterweights ding ur yoyo?

do dice ding metals when it hits them

I believe they leave tiny nicks.

it depends on how hard it hits and i use a foam counterweight the shape of a head u can find them all over the internet

nothing happens to my yoyo when the counter weight hits my yoyo. all you hear is a sound that feels like it will ding the yoyo. but it doesn’t. so i dont get dings when the counter weight hits the yoyo

(silver man watches me do 5a intentivley)

yes i watch him do 5a


It dings it like anything else. That’s why you need to start 5A with a cheap plastic like a FHZ, and when you get better you can silicone it, and it’s good enough to win worlds 5A with silicone and some mods. :stuck_out_tongue: Remember: CHEAP PLASTICS TO START OUT WITH!!!

dont worry about counterweight dings you are going to get dings from droping your yoyo anyway

Yeah, everyone gets dings on their yoyo from 5A. Even professionals like Tyler Severance. Like when I was at the BAC, I saw Tyler hanging out. He was just chilling and hanging out throwing some 5A, and then he dropped his 2010 Severe just when I was walking by him. So I picked it up for him (such an honor!!!) and discovered for the first time that one of the 2010 Severe colorways was wavelength, and then I handed it back to him, and he said thanks to me, and just kept throwing.

whats a ding? ??? Ill throw my 888 at a wall and nothing really happens to it

It when you hit your yoyo on the ground and it creates a mark, and makes a dinging sound. It’s a common word.

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ohhhh thanks ;D

Your welcome.

What is the best yoyofactory plastic to do 5a with?

i like the protostar… its cheap, good, and plastic


just like mister severe :wink: