5a Players, what is your favorite material for freehand yoyoing?!

I started learning 5a two months again and got hurt everywhere on my body by my 7075 aluminium Catalyst. And my parents thought that I was beaten by someone in school. And then I am now using a YYJ Destiny which is a plastic yoyo with metal rings and it didn’t hurt me badly. How about you guys? Do you guys using a metal yoyo for 5a play? Or a Delrin? I wonder how the Delrin ones feel like, they won’t hurt you hard , right?

I like the CLYW yeti. The plastic is very durable and does not hurt too much. Spins like a chief.

Good! I heard of this yoyo all the time. For me, I like all the signature models of Takeshi except Ai (actually it doesn’t mean automatic intelligent but it means “LOVE” in Japanese) I also heard that SOMETHING Crazy-D is very good in 5a play but its looks is just x_x

I love 5a a lot! It doesn’t play like a yoyo trick, it’s just completely something else!

I like the C3 Dymension and 2012 Genesis the best. However, the YYF Aviator, YYF CZM84VK, and YYJ Surge are all good too.

If hitting yourself with the yoyo is a problem there aren’t really any yoyos made of pillows. Sorry.

Plastic is softer than metal…
It hurts less to be hit by plastic than metal…

I’m not a 5A player but I do put a counterweight on my yoyo and flail around sometimes and I prefer plastic yoyos along the lines of the Protostar/Northstar. I don’t know what I’m doing and hit myself and launch my yoyo across the ground repeatedly so a quality plastic is great for me.

So if you hit yourself very hard on the head with a plastic yoyo or won’t hurt?

Did I say it wouldn’t hurt?
Can you read?
Literally, I’m wondering right now, if you can read.

Yes, I can read. How else could I be replying to your post?

Can you read? What the poster is saying is he wants a yoyo that won’t bruise him up, down, left and right, and what is said is there are no pillow yoyos. It has been my experience that plastic yoyos and metal yoyos hurt just about the same, and it has also been my experience that when you are hit by a solid at fast tech combo speeds, it’s gonna hurt a ton whether it is plastic or metal. Whether or not the yoyo has rounded edges is the deciding factor here, and the catalyst has quite sharp edges while the destiny has some rounded edges. Please learn to argue because whether or not I can read does not change the fact that plastic and metal yoyos alike will hurt when they hit you.

Now, I like using my Rockefeller for 5A becUse it is very solid and stable AND the edges are rounded down. Delrin yoyos are still very hard as well as their density is very similar to aluminium’s. Yoyos will hurt when they hit you, the best thing you can do to stop that from happening is practicing a lot.

delrin or plastic, OR a comfortable shape. Genesis has a perfect shape for 5a for me, but I use a protostar if I’m not at home.

You said, and I quote “So if you hit yourself very hard on the head with a plastic yoyo or won’t hurt?”
In reply to me saying “It hurts less to be hit by plastic than metal”
You say I need to learn to argue?
I never said it didn’t hurt. I literally just said it hurts LESSKEYWORD to be hit by plastic than metal

But golly what I said (since we’re quoting me) is “there aren’t really any yoyos made of pillows.” And you said “I like butterflies” so then I said “well butterflies are pretty nice but delrin is cool too” then you said, and I quote “dude why are we arguing on the internet? This is dumb. Only fat guys with Cheetos do this. Let’s yoyo” so then I said “bro” and then you were like “bro”

This is all quotes btw.

The question was rhetorical. I wanted to make the point that stuff hurts when it hits you, there’s no need to take a rhetorical question non-rhetorically. That’s all bae.

For what I know, being hit by a supernova / catalyst is extremely painful especially sometimes it hit my head!!! :-X And then I am thinking to buy a Delrin yoyo but my skill isn’t any good so I keep on practicing at this moment. YYJ Destiny is a very good yoyo but most people said that it isn’t for beginners!

Whoever said that was dead wrong. I learned most of my 5a on a destiny.

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So are you still using the destiny? I changed to KK bearing ytd but didn’t notice any difference , do you think YYJ Quest is a better yoyo? Personally I only want to stick with plastic/derlin yoyos, metal yoyos don’t feel so good in 5a

owen you cent reed

Shutter is bangin for 5A

I just used my Genesis.
Honestly, I was more worried about the yoyo getting dings than myself getting hurt.
But I think it depends on how fast you’re doing the trick. I mean, a fast and hard hit with a plastic yoyo WILL hurt.

metal for performance, plastic for practice.