YYJ trigger

Does anyone know where you can one before they come out here on YYE? pm me if you know a store.

While it’s okay to keep it to PM’s exchanging other stor info and that kind of stuff, Asking links to other stores on a forum sponsored by another store is walking on thin ice.

Companies have rules about hen things can be sold. I don’t understand all of it, but rules are rules.

In some cases rules are meant to be broken. Exceptions tend to be via writen agreement so that all parties remember the agreement.

I won a Trigger in a Facebook contest. I can’t wait to get it! I should have it in a few days.

Not an answer to the original post but, I got to play one at the Kansas City juggling fest a weekend or so ago. Extremely smooth and impressive. Without a doubt the best non-metal yoyo I’ve played. Super nice.

My Trigger arrived today.

I played one briefly at BAC and was hooked. Now I can indulge whenever.

Good luck getting one before they officially drop, most since I’m willing to bet retailers are being told when they can sell them. It’s worth the wait. What are we having to wait now, like 18 days?

I would definitely be interested in hearing some impressions after you’ve had time to run it through some tricks.

This is a complete departure from JD as far as hos yoyo designs. He’s done full metals(the ENEME), he’s done plastics(Lyn Fury), and he’s done metal rimmed yoyos(Hitman, X-Convict and Hitman Pro) and mid-weight ring plastics(XCon pro). Going back to what is essentially an all plastic is a bit of a surprise, as it seems more people go full metal, JD is going backwards and going plastic with a metal weight ring.

The result? This machined Celcon yoyo is full sized, which is the biggest surprised as JD’s previous offerings have been undersized. It’s also heavy, largely due to the weight ring, which places the load in the middle of the rim, not the center of the yoyo. The rims are a bit thin in thickness. The yoyo itself is hourglass shaped and is weighted kind of similarly to the Cascade. The play is completely different. It’s got that typical YYJ plastic vibe, but it’s not distracting. It’s a single bearing yoyo, which helps drive the costs down because a second bearing doesn’t need to be factored into the price. This doesn’t appear to be a particularly fast yoyo, but it is stable. The mid-weight makes it ideal for both 1A and 5A. The catch zone is generous. The shape works well for arm and finger grinds, but IRG’s are NOT recommended unless you use a razor blade to trim the excess sticker off the weight ring or you’re gonna get some nasty paper cuts. Binds are tight and reliable.

For the money, this is a great yoyo. I mean, I got it for free by having won one in a contest, but I’d gladly have paid for it. I got the bright green/yellow one, and I really want the blue, so when these drop, I’m getting one in blue. I am liking the one I have. The color makes it easy to track.

I’m finding with my laughable skills, I’m able to land a lot of tricks easier. Stuff giving me issues is still giving me issues but the yoyo seems tolerant and I’ve got more leeway and chances to correct tilt and other issues.

Some people might not like the weight. I like stuff on the heavier side. This is on the heavier side of things, at 68 grams, it’s heavy for a plastic. I was hoping for 70 grams. Either way, good player and good weight.

Protostar and Northstar: look out! The Chaser an the Trigger are definitely targetting their marketplace. I can’t wait until my Classics arrive in a day or two!

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thanks for all your thoughts. it’s going to be such a long wait until the trigger’s release.

It’s only 17 days and counting down. It will be out about a week before Nationals!