Anyone here try a YYJ Trigger?

I just won one in a contest. Pretty excited to get it and play it.

What can I expect from this thing?

Excellent plastic.

I played with some at worlds. Excellent all around yoyo, and great for 5a.

Do you like it better than a Proto/Northstar (if you’ve tried/own one of course)?

I thought that it played a little lighter than a northstar, with not quite as long sleep time (was using one stock right out of the box).

It’s different feeling that the northstar. It’s a little hard to say.

I like it way more than my proto and north

Awesome. Any other opinions on the play anyone?

I really like it. I got one straight from JD. I personally feel it a bit slow for 5A sometimes but it’s a very good 5A yoyo I know but I have been getting some odd 5A preferences lately. For 1A, it’s my go to plastic. Can make it go fast, but it’s got that solid feel. Super easy to land on the string. I personally think it replaced the Northstar as my go to plastic

I was able to try the Trigger Joseph Harris owns and I was pretty impressed. I wasn’t really judging the yoyo itself, but I was just getting the feel of the whole throw itself. YYJ and JD did a great job designing this yoyo. Congrats on the win!

My favorite plastic without a doubt. The celcon feels extremely well machined and very smooth. With the weight rings, it feels and plays very much like a light metal (think Project) as opposed to just another chunky plastic monster.

Obviously, it’s not terribly fast for me because of the weight distribution, but I don’t play very fast so it’s not a shortcoming for me. If I had been more alert, I would have bought several at Worlds. I’ll be picking up more when they drop for sure. I can’t remember the price point, but it’s outrageously low for the splendid build quality.

What do I not like about the yoyo? It’s very loud.

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I agree with all previous statements. It is the best plastic I’ve ever played, is pleasantly light but very stable, and is extreeeeemely loud. I lubed the bearing for a little relief, but don’t expect it to become quieter. Changing out the bearing to like a ten ball or konkave made it much much quieter.
Be forewarned, it is very unresponsive. It takes a strong effort to bind it well, so make sure you bind with a lot of string.
It also grinds quite well.

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Any more opinons? The good? The bad?

Is the trigger celcon or delrin? Someone mentioned its machined from celcon, but here’s the description from another site:

Delrin and celcon are essentially the same plastic. Both are names for the same formula, Polyoxymethylene.

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Delrin is machined, celcon is injection molded. Both are basically the same thing.

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Thanks, I learned something new today. 8)


Delrin and celcon are similar but not exactly the same. They are slightly different plastics. But exactly what the effect of those differences are in relation to yoyos I’m not too sure.

Alright. I just got my Trigger today. Since this isn’t the review section I’m just going to praise it really quick.

When these things drop, EVERYONE go and buy it. It’s just as good as my Protostar and is really unresponsive which is super nice. It fits in the hand so extremely well… pretty much like a derlin cascade. But it plays so different from alot of yoyos I’ve tried, but it’s a good difference. When they do drop, they’re probably going to be dirt cheap, so be sure to pick one up. YoYoJam has really stepped their game up lately. Not bad, not bad at all.

That sounds promising, I love my protostar and cascade. I’ve been eying the Inspire as my next purchase but after reading that I might consider the Trigger instead. Do you have any comparisons between the two?

Is it a bit floaty like the X-Convict ?