Good plastic that comes in white?


I know this is probably pretty strange, but I’ve recently taken up an obsession with white yoyos and I love a good plastic throw. I know the Whip comes in white, but I always enjoy giving different companies a try, so something not from YYF would be preferred. Any other suggestions?

Also, white polycarb is pretty much what I’m looking for. I know delrins are generally white, but I’ve already got my eye on the Halo, so that base is covered.

Don’t mind the preferences at all, it can be heavy and slow or light and fast, just looking for a white plastic beater to carry around. Also, keeping it under about 35 dollars would be nice, considering it’ll probably end up taking a thrashing.



You might as well just keep saving until you get that Halo. They’re wonderful.


I’m most definitely getting a Halo :wink:

But seeing as how it’d be my first and perhaps only delrin, I don’t think I want to make a beater out of it. haha.


Volume! You won’t regret it!


The YYJ Speeder 2 comes in white. Actually, most of YYJ’s mid-range yoyos come in white.


(Waylon) #6

I’ve been throwing my Shinwoo Phantom pro a lot lately. Cheap and really a good player.


I’m not sure if the Trigger comes in white, but definitely look into that when it releases next Thursday. I recently tried one out and it played better than some metals I’ve used.


They’ve got images of the Trigger on another yoyo store’s site and it looks like it will come in white, yellow, blue, black and lime-ish green.



3yo3, Crucial, C3 make very good Delrin (machined plastic as opposed as molded plastic) throws, most of which are black or white (or both)

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trigger if they make a white one for the release


Am I mistaken or is the Trigger a delrin?

I’ve considered the Chaser now that I’m aware it comes in white. I’m really digging the thin profile. Any thoughts on it?


Triggers celon i think or something like that.


The trigger compares with the protostar on price for play it plays amazing for the price has a nice weight and shape and is awesome for 3a.


From what I gather, when it’s poured into a mould it’s called celcon and when it’s machined it’s called delrin.



Celcon and delrin are both thermoplastics with slightly different formulas. They are brand names of different, but very similar plastics.


Thanks for clearing that up, Shaun. =)



I’m guessing you want it all white, but the YYJ Classic is an amazing yoyo for $10. I got one and the best responsive yoyo I’ve used in a long time(probably ever). Siliconed I and threw a regular C-sized bearing and its probably one of my favorite yoyos. YYJ is really releasing some amazing plastics lately. The Trigger is also great, and comes in white. It’s 70 grams and has a solid feel but it’s not heavy. Easy to get moving.


The EmpireYoYo Sun is a very good Delrin yoyo that comes in white and black, for only $21 plus $1 shipping on some sites.
The YYF NorthStar also comes in white, though since you’re not considering YYF I guess this option is out of the question.


$23 and I can make any metal yoyo snow white.

Has to be metal though.


All I can think of at the moment is a Legacy II as I have one in white. I don’t have too many white yoyos. Another good one might be the Classic.

I generally don’t recommend the ONE or WHIP as they are just too light. Still fun and good performers, but just too lite in general. Great for refining tricks.