Did you guys decorate your Delrin yoyos?

I think most of the Delrin yoyos look so bad… except for the YYJ Quest. And I am going to buy SOMETHING Crazy-D but find out that the white version is a pure color yoyo so I think of putting some stickers or paint it (is it possible on Delrin?). How do you guys think?

I think white Delrin creates some of the best yo-yos out there, the YYF Severe and the C3 Halo look amazing in white. However, if that’s not your thing, Delrin can be dyed using hot water and RIT dye. There are lots of Youtube videos on how to dye Delrin RC parts.

Don’t use stickers as they’ll interfere with play, and I’m not sure paint will stay on Delrin very well even if you could get it painted perfectly even so as not to cause vibe.

No, sir! I love white delrin but pure white without any logo is very ugly, I mean the crazy-d.
If delrin is in another color other than white it is just plastic!

This is a custom dyed delrin Volume I made recently :wink:

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