Delrin yoyo with metal rims.

Is it possible, and what do you think?

one should assume…

it is possible but due to patents, without special permission from YYJ, only YYJ could mass-produce one.

Well, the patent only applies to yoyos with rims made out of metal. You could add metal rings inside the rim a la Protostar and be perfectly fine.

I’d buy one.

Yeah maybe it could be a community project like the code 1!

I thought that’s what he was asking about was outer rims.

Send an email to yoyojam. It cant hurt…

The New Breed as well as the Atmosphere are Celcon with metal rims.

Celcon and Delrin are basically the same plastic, but delrin is just a little denser and can be machined.

^^ and celcon is injection molded.

Make it oversized and I’d be highly interested in obtaining one.

Is delrin available in different colors? I like my Crucial Half & Half in white, but with something not in the dairy-theme, color selection might be good for mass market appeal. I think colors with contrasting/highlighting weight rings would be cool!

Delrin/celcon can be in any opaque color

On a blank store other than yoyoexpert I believe they do have different colors. I think they dye it.

Since celcon is also a better plastic you could make the plastic cover on the metal rims out of that.

White and black. You can dye white to whichever color you choose.

if you put together delrin yoyo with metal rims, would that make the delrin useless? because delrin can cure it self when dinged, right?

I’ve never seen that happen.

yeah I have a delrin and it doesnt do that. But I wish it did!

Says who?

No. Delrin isn’t a living organism capable of healing over time. Once it loses mass…it’s gone forever.

I thought that generally celcon was better :-, but i guess not. And anyway i now realize it would be better to make the plastic of the rims out of delrin. Mainly because it apparently grinds good ( I wouldn’t know I haven’t really gotten into that).

I addressed the outer rims and then moved to another option.

Y’know, talking.