I searched the forums and didn’t find an answer, so I’ll just ask. what is delrin? I know it’s some kind of plastic, but how does it vary from normal plastic, or even metal?

It is a higher quality plastic it is more dense

Delrin is a very hard, dense, and smooth plastic. It’s a difficult plastic to machine (yes, it’s machined, not injection molded), which is why delrin yoyos tend to be more expensive.

However, Delrin yoyos can play on the same level as metals. Don’t be afraid of them.

It’s hype.

It’s just another polyformaldehyde plastic, which also includes Celcon…

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Pretty good explanation in that article. ‘Delrin’ is just a commercial/product name for a type of plastic. The type of plastic is sold under many names, including ‘Celcon.’ In the yo-yo community, many yo-yos are referred to as ‘Delrin,’ even though they may not necessarily be manufactured of Delrin brand plastic.

There is a difference in chemical composition between Celcon and Delrin, though that’s not really what divided them as yoyos.

The Chinese-speaking yoyoing community actually refer to them as “Numerical-control plastic yoyos” instead of “Delrin yoyos”

Celcon and Delrin aren’t exactly the same plastic. Celcon is injection molded, where as Delrin is machined. Of course, injection molding is not as precise as machining, meaning that Delrin yoyos tend to be higher quality than their Celcon counterparts.

This becomes very apparent when you have both celcon and delrin yoyos available to you at the same time. I agree. Delrin yoyos feel much higher quality than celcon. But properly done, celcon, delrin and metal can all be used to make amazing yoyos.

The Trigger kind of bridges the celon/Delrin gap. It’s celcon, it’s injection molded, but I think it’s over-molded(thicker and larger than it should be) so the rest can be machined for precision construction. The end result is a lower cost product.

“normal plastic”? Right now there are more than 77,000 varieties of plastic. Not sure which one you’re calling normal.

No need to be a technical Nazi cat here. You get his point.

But if you must, it’s primarily PC or injection-molded POM.

celcon and delrin are the exact same thing. They’re different brands of POM. Delrin can be injection molded, it’s just usually machined.
Nevermind that, turns out delrin is a homopolymer, while celcon is a copolymer.

They are practically the same, but not exactly. Delrin is homopolymer while Celcon is copolymerized for easier injection molding. The reason for this is due to the dramatic shrinkage that homopolymer POM undergoes during injection molding. The copolymer version still shrinks like hell, though, just a bit more managable.

yeah, I actually found out a few minutes after posting that that they were a little bit different.