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Well, if Delrin yoyos are plastic but machined instead injection molded, wouldn’t that make the Onedrop Rally a Delrin?

Because it’s not injection molded, it’s machined right?


Delrin is a TYPE of plastic. The Rally is not made of delrin.


Oh ok.


The rally is injection molded Celcon (?) which is then machined. If it wasn’t originally injection molded, it would be delrin.


Celcon and Delrin are both highly similar forms of polyoxymethylene. They are essentially the same thing. The differences are that they are trade names from different labs.

Ticona produces Celcon, DuPont produces Delrin. Both can be injected molded or machined.


The Rally is made from injection molded polycarbonate. The shells get a pass through the machines at the One Drop shop to smooth them out and add the grinding surface. Here is a good before and after shot of the shells.

The left shell is how they look when they come in to the shop, the right one is after taking a 60 second zip through the machines.


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as someone mentioned that delrin goes by many names and just because a plastic is machined and not injection molded only doesnt mean it is one type of plastic or another!

here is a good wiki on delrin (or insert other trade name here).


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