I need some plastic help

Im doing a project for Science. I need 3 yoyos, one delrin, polycarbonate, and celcon. What is the OneStar made of? How about the PSG? Can someone list about 4-10 of each type of plastic? Thanks!

The one star is made up of the same material as the YYF One. And for a celcone a trigger should do fine. Plus I’m pretty sure that PSG is a regular plastic.

Delrin is a name brand of Celcon, FYI. Like Kleenex is to a tissue

So what is Delrin actually? I believe the Psg is polycarbonate.

Delrin is machined, celcon is injection molded. I’m pretty sure.

YoYoFactory One is polycarbonate, Crucial Milk is machined Delrin, and YoYojam Sidekick is celcon.

Delrin is just machined celcon.

The PSG and OneStar are both polycarb I believe.

Is celcon and polycarbonate different then?
I’ve never held a Delrin, and all these plastics feel the same in my hands.


lol regular plastic?

Yah to me almost every Yoyo is plastic the only ones I can separate it celcone yoyos, and metals which then I can’t tell what type of metal it is.

That’s not quite right. Delrin and Celcon are both name brands of POM Plastic, but they’re a bit different.
To quote this guy who actually corrected me a bit ago when I said they were exactly the same,

You said homopolymer goes through dramatic shrinkage…hehehe I’m so immature

Polycarbonate: Yoyofactory proto/northstar. Adegle psg. Adegle Asteroid. yyj chaser too, i believe.
Celcon: trigger, kickside, ringmaster (the plastic part, at least), Legacy 2 (all of these are yyj)
Delrin (machined celcon): yyf Delrin severe, recrev TA1-s, c3 yoyo design Halo, 3yo3 volume.

Heheh, yup! I know what she means. It’s like the plastic you find on a Raider.

I don’t know why the PSG is so well-loved. Maybe it’s good for what it is…? But I don’t think it’s particularly good overall.

I think it’s so loved because it’s nearly indestructible, and not bad for $10. I never really liked it though, feels like a rock on a string. My 5 gram heavier revenger feels like it’s 5 grams lighter than it.