Most Common Type of Delrin/POM?


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I was playing with my C3 Halo was wondering what type of Delrin is commonly used in the making of yoyos. Now don’t say delrin, because that is extremely vague. I know there are different types of POM plastics with different concentrations of POM. So which type of delrin/POM plastic is most commonly used in yoyos?


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No, really. It’s delrin. Others names are acetal or Celcon. Delrin was marketed by DuPont… Celcon was by idk who. They’re all the same. Celcon is typically injection molded while delrin is machined. If you want the non marketed name I think it’s polyoxymethylene (correct me if I’m wrong).


polyoxymethylene is POM, sorry I didn’t mention it above. Yeah its just I was looking up delrin and there is types of Delrin with different POM concentrations, just wondering if there are different types or delrin is just one type of concentration.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but as kclejeune mentioned, “other names are acetal or celcon” implies that acetal and celcon are in fact different concentrations of POM. Delrin is one type of concentration. I recall reading on another thread that celcon and delrin were both closely related, so this would probably be the connection in my mind. In any case, the different types of concentrations are probably quite insignificant to the total mass, changing weight by perhaps 1-2g as a whole.


POM in the chemical compound name, Polyoxymethylene, when you go to buy it it’s gonna be called acetal. The only differences is, Delrin, Celcon and Hostaform. The differences are like the differences between a big mac and a whopper. Both are hamburgers, but they aren’t the same. I’m not sure what you’re referring to as concentration of POM.


Delrin and Celcon are the two most popular kinds of POM. Delrin is a brand name for Acetal. Not sure if Celcon is a brand name or not.

The difference between the two is that Delrin (acetal) is machined and Celcon is injection molded.


Delrin isn’t a brand, the brand is Dupont and they make a acetal that they call Delrin. Both Delrin and Celcon can both be machined and injected. Although you wouldn’t use the same delrin to inject that you would machine. They make a Delrin specifically for molding. I’m not sure why YYJ first decided to use celcon instead of delrin.


I agree with Jake.  Delrin is a brand.  A brand is the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers.  Dupont is the name of the company that makes Delrin, their specific “brand” of POM.

This is what Wikipedia says about the shares that the top companies’ brands have on the market.  It does not break it down for yo-yo, but gives you an idea that the two (Delrin/Celcon) are pretty close overall.  Celcon is used a bit more according to that source:

Leading POM producers (approximately 800 kt market):

Ticona Hostaform, Celcon (approx. 25%)
    DuPont Delrin (approx. 20%)
    Polyplastic Duracon (approx. 15%)
    Korea Engineering Plastics Kepital (approx. 12%)
    Mitsubishi Iupital (ca. 7%)
    BASF Ultraform (ca. 5%)

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Off Topic. But for more on the “trademark” Dupont got for Delrin, which they call a “brand” on their website: