Delerin vs Normal Plastic vs Metal

I know generally people like all metal as their main. Plastics can be just a fun thing. How do Delerins compare to normal plastic and metal?

Delrin feels a bit more dense than regular polycarbonate plastic to me. Also grinds a lot better than plastics and some metals depending on the finish.


I like the way Delrins play, personally. It’s almost like a cross between a metal and a plastic. A little bit floaty compared to a plastic.

Which is one is your favourite?

I like yoyos made from all sorts of materials. I do admit I enjoy metals more than plastics, but still, why is it I’m still throwing a DM2 more than anything else?

Obviousy, I do have yoyos made from metals, different metals, plastic, plastic and metal and delrin. Each is different and unique and brings something of value to the collection and play experience.

One thing of note is the V by Anglam, which is supposed to be a Delrin Angle, and the Angle is supposed to be the affordable Anglam. I can’t comment on the Angle, but I have the V and the Anglam, and they play nothing alike. Both are really good or great, but they don’t play alike.

The RecRev TA-1 is aluminum, while the TA-1S is Delrin. To me, they don’t play identical, but they do play similar. It’s like “gee, this is so familiar, yet something different” when switching between the two. Due surface treatment, they both grind great. The TA-1S has a bit different weight distribution due to the material chosen, so more material had to go in certain areas to put play, weight and performance where desired.

I think Delrin is going to make more in-roads. I think it’s maturing is a product suitable for 2A throws, and I think the durability is already proving itself in 4A throws. I also see that when properly designed, Delrin can be every bit as viable an option for competition. I think the V is a good competitive yoyo as is, but I don’t feel the same way about the TA-1S. Similarly, I feel the C3 Halo is also suited for competition.

As far as main, the Anglam is my favorite, but it’s costly so I don’t take it out too often. I often find myself with the DM2 or V nearby. My main concern is that I enjoy the yoyo. Material is secondary.

Delrin is just another plastic.


But, it is a higher quality plastic

or there is always the Ti-1 i believe the name. There was a titanium version brought up. I haven’t heard much but titanium is a whole different ballpark. Someone with better experience please explain. Never had the chance yet to play a titanium yoyo.

Delrin really isn’t any ‘higher quality’ than most any other plastic. In my research I’ve found it to actually be less expensive than polycarbonate, the material used in the FHZ and others. (If you want to use price as a determining factor for quality.) The Lyn Fury and Kickside are both made from celcon, which is nearly the same as delrin (copolymer vs. homopolymer respectively).

The real differentiation to be made is between the two methods of manufacturing used these days: injection molding for budget plastics and machining from billet for higher end yo-yos. The quality yo-yos that people think of when they hear the word ‘delrin’ are quality because they are produced in the same way as the high quality aluminum throws you are used to.


Of course I’m made a fool of by people who know what they’re talking about :wink:

But what I meant was generally Delrin throws are higher quality throws than polycarbonate throws.

There may be some exceptions to this, but people seem to like Delrin yoyos more than polycarbonate ones.

No, that wasn’t our intent at all. Just trying to keep the facts straight. If you’re going to talk about the quality of delrin yoyos you really need to address the machining process, not the material.

And my own preference so far is for polycarb yoyos. For one reason or another I have yet to meet a delrin or celcon yoyo that I really like.

I knew your intent, so it’s all good.

That being said, it is possible to machine celcon and polycarbonate in the same way as Derlin?

I think there is machineable polycarbonate, but for the price you might as well use delrin.

Grinding Power!!! ;D

YYJ has been coming out with a bunch of throws lately that are machined celcon, like the Trigger. There a couple more, but they escape me at the moment.

I like Delrin. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Acrylic? :smiley:

Wouldn’t mind hearing a little bit more about them too. Seems like 3YO3 is doing pretty good, and their models have been intriguing me.