Just how good is Delrin?

Is it as good as everyone says, or is it just a gimmick to make a regular plastic cost a lot more?

If everyone says it is good, then what do you think they will say when you make a thread about it? :wink:

Anyways, Delrin is great. It is no gimmick.

It has a distinct fell that makes it suitable for grinds

I love it, the grinds are great!

Derlins or delrins are like the rival against metal throws, delrin throw play exact like their metal brothers, machined like them but lighter and little bit better on grinds. Also the best part is that it ding proof

It makes me happy so its pretty darn good.

Machined on a lathe, yes. Ding proof? Not mine, they don’t bend but they pit and dent if you hit them on a hard rough surface. I have a few very heavy delrins so…yeah. (I will agree that they tend not to show the damage as badly)

The saddest thing is that when you hit the ground with them, you just don’t get the same satisfying ring of a metal yoyo. :wink:

The difference between most plastic yoyos and delrin is that delrin is machined in a similar fashion to how metal is machined. Therefore, they are often as precise as metal throws. It’s much easier to get the weight distribution right with a delrin throw than with a injection molded plastic, therefore resulting in an overall playing throw.

So throw delrin.

Mehhhh. It’s plastic. As good as any other plastic.
It’s the design and execution of the product that makes the difference.


Ill play devils advocate. Sure it feels good, grinds nice, is a treat in cold weather but injected plastic can go real close for much less and metal/injected plastic can achieve superior weight distribution, go close on precision and still beat it mostly on price.

For some reason, most delrins that I’ve owned seem a bit quieter than other plastics in my collection. I do like that quality about them.

I’ve been playing my Jet Set a lot lately. It’s taken loads of misses(because I suck at 4A). Over grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, you can’t tell. The rims of my celcon Fiesta XX has scratches all over the rims.

The C3 YoYoDesign Halo is a fantastic perform. It feels great in the hand and good on grinds. It’s probably my absolute favorite delrin yoyo.

The RecRev TA-1 is metal, while the TA-1S is delrin. It’s interesting to see how a yoyo was re-designed for the different material. It’s an interesting A/B comparison. They do play SIMILAR, but they feel different and they do perform different. I lack the ability to fully describe the difference, but there are differences.

You can machine it like metal, giving you metal performance, solid feel and durability in a package that is less prone to nicks, dings, scratches and scrapes than metal. Of course, you have a price that is if not the same as metal, then near that price.

Given the choice, I do prefer metal. I do like delrin a lot.

There’s no or. Delrin is correct. Derlin is a common typo.

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They feel less cheap, and are great for grinds.

I really enjoy watching a delrin yoyo petina over time and with use.the more you play with it and the more it is loved the smoother and softer it feels.

I also like how an industrial product like high density electrical grade plastic is being reinvented into a profesional grade performance yoyo

oh, and they do perform with many of their metal counterparts

hmm the few delrins that I’ve had always seemed to be louder. I specifically remember my C3 Halo being one of the loudest yoyos I owned, but maybe that was the bearing

My Halo seems about in the lower end of the noise spectrum compared to my metals. I bet if I clean out the bearing and treat it I can get it quieter.

My theory on delrins is that because they are a more pliable plastic, they tend to not transmit the noise from the bearing as loudly as a stiffer/more brittle material.

It is extra durable.