derlin vs aluminium

Isn’t derlin better than aluminium because 1. its lighter which means more weight were you want it 2. its better for grinds than aluminium doesn’t dent or scratch as easy

Really it is all just preference. I personally like delrin to the standard 6061, but I have yet to try 7075 or any other metal besides aluminum.

I could ramble on based on the points put forth, but it will all just boil down to preference in the end as well.

I am surprised at how little I hear about people talking about delrin. Similarly, teflon is way better than both delrin and aluminum in grinding terms.

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  1. It’s lighter, but also weaker and I think you cannt make as thin walls as with Al. Also notice many plastic yo-yos use metal weight ring, you simply cannt achieve as much rim weight just with plastic/delrin.

  2. Alumunium with good surface(from example from Anti-yo or Xcube) grinds better than any Delrin.

I tried some of best delrins(The V, Turning Points) and they are great, but I still thinks even cheaper metal yo-yo plays as good or better.


What about an alumyinumy spin top?

It’s less dense so actually the other way around. More weight where you don’t want it since the walls have to be thick unlike a aluminum alloy that can go aLOT thinner.

Main advantage to delrin, in my opinion, is that it can be turned like metal and doesn’t show small scratches and dings like metal. It does grind better than plastic and some metals: meaning polished and some satined metals.

Delrin is alright, but I prefer metals and other types of plastics over delrin, usually. (“usually” is the disclaimer) :wink:

Color-wise, with Delrin, I see a lot of black or white. V is an exception, but even in that case, I don’t see a lot of color “options” for it. Trigger and Kickside are similar exceptions, but they are Celcon. I read somewhere that it is a difficult process to “color” Delrin. I wonder if someone knows and could tell me. But, in any case, I have not seen the colorway options available, as with metal. That might be an advantage for metal. I personally love black and white throws, and enjoy Delrin and Metal equally.

I played a Delrin I thought outplayed a significant chunk of metals out there. Just goes to show that it’s still all preference.

Both materials have different uses, complimenting different shapes, weights, and designs. Really, it just comes down to preference.

I think that delrin is pretty good in fact it a great rival
Against aluminum.
Though the only yoyo I have that delrin is the severe 2013
(Curse the yyf death grip and now it has pulsing vibe due to wear Down of bearing seat) but im more bias toward plastics since I’m cheap and a sucker for plastic’s (can’t wait for the yeti or relic.)

I have a few delrins with their aluminum counter-parts. You can see how the delrin versions are done differently to ensure the weight is where it was needed, which makes them kind of blocky in some areas.

The RecRev TA-1 is a great yoyo. The TA-1S is the delrin. Preference? TA-1.

Freq. Wav vs. the f(x) delrin: The issue right now is the current f(x) batch(and next batch) will be all B-grades due to vibe issues. I have one and while it has some vibe, mine feels pretty darn good.
The delrin’s insert for the axle and the center area being a bit thicker, there is no center hub, which actually makes this better for horizontal play if you’re involving those gyro-type grinds. However, again, with the current runs, they aren’t as refined as you might expect a production run to be, yet still nice. Given the choice, I’m saying “Freq. Wav” as the winner here. Once those other f(x)'s drop, I am tempted to buy a few more.

I see delrin as being a viable material. If you want more rim weight, either weight rings or a lot more material at the rims is the only way to go. This is simply not a material where you can just say “OK, take my aluminum design, now cut it out of delrin” and have acceptable results. The reverse is true as well. However, it’s always easier to remove material than to put material back.

Yeah dying delrin is a hassle.

From a household perspective, it is my understanding that using a heating plate outside with some RIT dye is really the way to go. You have to heat the plastic to get the dyes to adhere to hit. The longer it is in, the darker the color. Sort of like tie-dying but only one color and heat added to it.

How does Acrylic play?

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i tried acrylic before it was very fun to play and very smooth. fun fact i didn’t know but there is acrylic fabric, and didn’t know that till I bought one of my scarves.