Derlin or acrylic


I want a 3yo3 yoyo but don’t know if I should get derlin or acrylic is ther any real difference between the two materials?


delrin is stronger and self lubricating, aka, better grinds

acrilic can be see through or beadblasted for better grinds

(laxdude99) #3

And delrin feels a little better in the hand


thats opinion :wink:


I think I’ll go acrylic because I don’t grind all the time and love that ‘glass yoyo’ look


Ok I’m not sure what to pick now. Should I get derlin just for the durability even if I don’t hit my yoyo against things all the time


Delrin is more durable in theory, acrylic is way prettier.

Acrylic is plenty durable for yoyos, especially the 3yo3 stuff where it tends to be extremely thick.


(Justin the JeeJaw) #8

Lol… go for acrylic if you want.
There was only one acrylic yoyo that cracked lol… Thats what I heard atleast…