So I already purchased my first Delrin. I’m pretty stoked cuz it looks way cool. But I’m not totally sure what to expect. How’s it different from other plastics? Is maintenance different? Does it have the same feel? What are the benefits of it?

It has a different feel to it. Delrin is a trademarked name by Dupont. Also called, Polyoxymethylene plastic. It is produced by different chemical firms with slightly different formulas and sold variously by such names as Delrin, Celcon and Hostaform.

Delrin is interesting. It’s usually got a nice silky kind of finish and will often grind really good. It is solid feeling like a metal, but won’t take dings, nicks and scratches like a metal or plastic.

As far as maintenance, you don’t need to do anything special. Delrin is very chemical resistant.

What did you order? I have A and B grade RecRev F(x), a TA-1S, a Halo, a Delta(it’s black) and others. I find Delrin actually makes a really good material for off-srings as well, as shown by the Chico YoYo Company ZRO and the sOMEThING Jet Set and JetSet EC.

All I can say is delrin is its own thing. It’s good stuff. I hope you enjoy your new purchase.

I got the GITD MagicYoyo D5 Dark Sprite. I’m going to use it in a talent show. When they dim the lights they see glowing yoyo fun!

So Delrin is super easy to ding and scratch up?

I have one of those D5 Sprites. I have a regular one I’m getting at Nationals. An expanding order will be picked up on site from the retailer.

In general, delrin is pretty rugged. It takes a lot of beating and really doesn’t show it.

So how does it play?

No clue. I haven’t had time for it sine i got it. I took it out of the box, photographed it, moved it to a case and that’s as far as I ever got with it.

I know… but I might not get to a yoyo for months at times. Even a new one.

there is a dif-ference.

i find delrin to be more ‘slick’ than celcon/plastic. literally…it has self lubricatin’ properties.

delrin seems to have a denser feel, imho. when dinged - it seems to click more than drag.

and lastly, i find delrin to be more ‘softer’ than plastic. the ‘silk’ that i have has bearin’ seats machined from the halves. no inserts. overtightin’ will lock up the bearin’…don’t really notice this behavior w/ straight up plastics (i.e. the old yyjs). but the bearnin’ seats were machined dif-ferently - so that has to be a factor.



Dif-ferently? Am I missing something?

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So are they so slippery you can barely grip them?

No. It’s just a more grind-friendly type of plastic.

Cool can’t wait.