Delrin and metal combination?


Could you make it? I thought it would be awesome.


im sure you could but ALMOST everyone likes all metal or all derilin. plus the cost of derilin yo’s are about the same as some metal ones take the roo yo HF like 80 bucks and im sure you could find an awsome metal for a little more. and making the 2 combined derilin is so heavy to make a metal rimmed (and btw only yyj could do this due to there dencer rim weight patent) yoyo would defete the purpose of having metal rims for longer spins if its all the same weight. so yes its posible but probibly no and even less so that they will make it. yyj hasent put alot on the table recently and is being outdoed by yyf and it seems like nb is the start of some new line maby? we’ll just have to wait and see. maby with lack of new in the market they reach for a new idea and this derilin/metal yoyo will become a real frankenstien.


Its been done!

The YoYoJam New Breed is a fine example of a Delrin and Metal combination.


And before anyone starts wondering and asking questions, celcon and delrin is the same thing. :wink:


celcon and delrin is the same thing. :wink:


Not exactly.
It is the same chemical formula, except Delrin is treated as if it were aluminum while being molded. That is why it costs more than Celcon.

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Not exactly.

Yes, they are the same on the molecular level as DYonch said, but for our purposes, they are applied much more differently.

Celcon yoyos are made in a way called “molding.” Basically, a mold is made of the yoyo, and, using this mold, many yoyos can be massed produced, which lowers prices. Yay!

Delrin is a wee bit different. Delrin is done through machining, like aluminum. Cutting away at a block of delrin to produce yoyo.

Also, if you actually feel the yoyo, they feel differently. Celcon is much smoother and more plastic-y. Delrin feels more like deodorant.

In addition to what Samad said about the New Breed, I hear that Werrd is thinking something up as well.


Celcon yoyos are made in a way called “molding.”

[quote] My dads a model maker.