Delrin color


What is your preferred Delrin colour? Please elaborate.


I have 2 white Delrin throws, looking to get a third soon. Looks nice and clean!

I like the white.

My Sophia spin top is white and black. Both colors look nice. I think the contrast really works well for this item.

I’ve also seen red on a Sophia spin top and a few others. While not a color I would personally want to buy, if done properly, it’s very attractive, and it is on those spin tops.

I would like to go for a rich blue colored Delrin, but not dyed, actually that color. Why? Blue is my favorite color.


Interesting. What is your opinion on black Delrins, 'say, the EmpireYoYo Sun?


Oh, that’s Delrin? Believe it or not, that’s an item on my wants list but is way down on the list.

In general, I have no issue how Delrin yoyos play. I have a Half & Half, which I didn’t initially like since the response is too wide for the space so it was grabby. Once I put a Crucial Groovedin there, the difference was night and day and now I really enjoy this yoyo. My other is a Halo, which I just plain enjoy. My next planned delrin is a RecRev TA-1S. I have the metal TA-1, I just want this to round things out.

Hmm, if it wasn’t for the shipping, I’d get the Empire YoYo Sun. I like the lines and look. For the most part, my eyes are correct on what works for me.


Thanks for sharing insight on Delrin yoyo performance; I too have had very good experiences with throwing my friends’ Delrin throws. Though my previous post was actually asking about what you think of the appearance of black delrin throws, but your response is very informative nonetheless.

The Sun is available on BuyChina for just $21 plus $1 shipping, though.


I just bought a black EmpireYoYo and a white YYF NorthStar for $21 and $32, respectively; we will see how it plays when I get it, but let’s hope that the black looks as good as the white…


Northstars aren’t delrin, are they?




I prefer the white delrins but my faves are the pink milks (no they weren’t dyed they were actually that color all the way through)

Paul machined out some purple, green, and pink milks a while ago and they look great but it’s so hard to find delrins in any color besides white and black


Thanks for the pointer. I might get one soon. Next buy will take place in 12 days or so.

(Trevor Boice) #11

The TA-1S is so so SOOOOOOOOOO good.