Show Off Your Delrins!

I like taking photos of throws, so now it’s time to show off your Delrin yo-yos. Celcon throws are welcome too. Some of mine:

Need to get myself some Volumes. Yours are beautiful.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I remember you enjoyed throwing the black one. They are so easy on the hands, a nice break from metal sometimes. I love black delrin, but it seems to sell out quick.

Love the feel/texture. And when I order, i’ll just go directly through Landon. I think he still has some black ones available.

Since when was the kick side delrin?

It is “Celcon” which is a different brand name from “Delrin,” but essentially the same material. Re-read my original post, the description of the Kickside on this site, and google the difference between Celcon and Delrin.

Just got these…maybe yoyokid8 will post his too :wink:

Nice! And I think Andrew isn’t allowed to throw his till christmas, which sucks. I assume that means he doesn’t have any pictures of it out of the box.

Ah, I see, thanks for reminding me ASL. I remember it was a gift for Xmas. We’ll have to stay tuned then. I haven’t thrown them yet, so I’ll update when I get the chance later. :wink:

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Can I have one for my Birthday? Or Christmas? Or both? Haha, nice photos!

Yep! Soviet is correct. I want to throw it so bad.

Nice pics B… I played a black Severe the other night and it was AWESOME… Best YYF I have ever thrown… :stuck_out_tongue:

That means a LOT coming from him. Pretty high standards, so that is truly a compliment. :wink:

I’m fresh out of delrin yoyos, but I do have a celcon yoyo

No? ;D

Did you just answer yourself?

Take it whatever way you want. :smiley:

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Such a great throw! It’s so good, I might get another one! Then, I’ll have a white and a black one. Pics sometime later. Busy with the holidays and all…

^Wow yoyokid8, sounds like you got to open a present early. Glad you are enjoying it, I love it too! I usually play the black one, and keep the white ones nice and clean.