Delrin Appreciation

I just got to thinking that delrin is my favorite yoyo material and just wanted to see more of it.

It’s soft and smooth and doesn’t hurt when you inadvertently hit your hands on a cold day.

Love the Something V, Crazy D, and Wedge for that full yoyo feel that’s competition ready. The Cabal and Milk have the classic chill vibe of organics. While the Thesis Serenade provides a wacky shape that shouldn’t work but it just does.

I would love to see some pics and thoughts on everyone’s favorite delrin throws.


Delrin is my.favorite too. Ive been yoyoing 11 years now and only tried delrin maybe 2 or so years ago, and it definitely changed my out look on them.

I have an SF dlrn somewhere too but it broke on me :frowning:

Also included a ghost and collabricion because theyre high end plastics too


What’s your favorite of the bunch? @hobbygod


Probably the sk8r just because of how different it is. All of them are very nice in their own way though :slight_smile:


My 2 doves, also favorite delrin even without the yoyofriends bias. P.S new run coming soon!


Any new colors? @Mazdarx7FD

The colors will be black+black, white+sliver, and pink+pink. Only change is black doves will now have black hubs to match.


Ive been out of the yoyo game for a while but i just picked up a Dove and holy crap, i cant believe how good it is. I was big into the crucial Milk and Cream back in the day so this thing just blew my mind on how smooth it is. Also a great fingerspinner. Might just sell some other yoyos and buy another delrin.

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The dove is a great delrin throw. Just got this green one today and loving it.


i got mine Saturday, amazing throw.