Delrin Yoyo Dying Help

Hey everyone, I attempted to dye my delrin wedge with blue Rit Dyemore. I let the cups sit in the dye for about 20 minutes and they came out a very faint purple in most areas and the hard edges turned a darker purple. Is there a way to get the delrin to take in more dye? I did heat the dye solution to almost boiling before letting the cups soak.

Found this help on an RC forum:

What I have done to dye delrin .
First I put 2 or 3 boxes of dye in about a gallon of water . Then I add 2 tablespoons of salt . I bring the water to a boil for about 10 mins . Then place the parts in the water . Leave the water boiling if you need to add some water do so to keep the parts covered . Use a large spoon or something to flip the parts and move them around . I keep the water boiling for 45mins then turn it off . I then keep moving the parts around every 10 mins. or so for another hour . This should take you about 2 hours or so . Then when you take the parts out run cold water over them . You will see alot of Dye coming off . Don’t worry this will take some time to wash off .

So the two tips are to add some salt, and let it sit in the dye for a lot longer. Delrin does not absorb water very readily.


Awesome, Thanks! And can i layer colors? I’m wanting to start out with blue then use glue to mask off some splatters then soak it in dark grey. Can this be done or will the delrin just stop accepting dye at a certain point?

You can layer colors (with glue) but all I know about it I’ve heard from other people. You’ll have to try it and find out! I suspect that it’ll always take the darker color on top of ligher colors, though.

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Yo! It will take darker colors over lighter, and Mark’s callout is perfect for the tips. Keep the dye at a decently high temperature while the halves soak, and if they aren’t fully submerged, make sure to flip them every 10-15 minutes. I dyed my Vinyl purple and it came out P U R P L E after an hour. Dyed a pair of shorts at the same time, lol.


You need the water to be about 200 degrees.

This is my Pom diffusion I just dyed:


Geez! was that white before? That looks like it’s made of velvet

We need a pic of you in your shorts with the yo-yo. kthxbai


You asked for it. Bonus grumpy toddler.


LOL this is awesome

Thanks for the tips guys! this thing came out frickin amazing! The grey came out as more black which i actually like better than my original idea. The blue “splatters” look 3 dimensional in person.


That looks sweet! Nice work on it!