Dying Delrin/Colored Caps

I made some fancy caps to give my Severe some color. Here is my final four colors. Vote for your favorite!

Also, can somebody show me a tutorial on how to dye delrin or give me some hints/tips? I want some real color on this baby haha. If you could that would be great. Thanks!

Wait… you made those? That’s pretty good.

It’s just circles of paper behind the caps. Anybody have answers on dying delrin?

Close toss-up between the green and the yellow for me. Also, you have no idea how happy I was when I saw a topic with ‘delrin’ spelled correctly instead of being spelled ‘derlin’.


Haha thanks I guess. Does this sound like a good plan?
Boil water and add 1 1/8 an ounce RIT dye package to water, then tie string through axle like you would the ball of a kendama with a bead or a big knot, then check on it every few seconds until you get the desired color? I might need to buy new response pads lol.

Blurple caps, one half green other half red?