custom dyed milkshake.


Hey guys just got my milkshake today and i thought to myself “what is better than a plain white milkshake”. heres my anwser:

I call it starry night sky edition

(2Sick Joey) #2

Its not Anodizing, that’s dyeing


sorry i knew that. multitasking while making a thread is not the best idea :slight_smile:


How did you do this? Does it rub off after time? Is there someone who is really good at doing this for delrin yo-yos? I own a Solar and a Windforce, so yeah…


Killer love the stars :slight_smile: What dye did you use?


Rit dye. Royal blue. I’m actually thinking about starting a delrin dying business if anyone’s interested. I’m far from perfect but I love doing it and the yoyos I’ve dyed look awesome.


love the look. seems to be a pretty neat job too.


Nice work.

One comment about the pix - use the macro mode on your camera for close ups. They will come out clearer.